Last night I was doing a little messing around, streaming to Twitch while I played in World of Warcraft.  I utilized the Xsplit Virtual Cam but used it inside of OBS, the other major streaming software.  I did two short sessions that nobody watched live. I only have two followers on Twitch, nobody really knows I am even on there.  Anyway I had some audio issues I didn’t realize until I reviewed the footage later.

During the first session I had game audio but no sound from me, I didn’t realize I had my Yeti mic muted.  The second time I used my headphones so my voice came through but game audio did not which was another setting tweak I missed.  I doubt there will be tons of interest in an old guy who is average at best playing WoW but who knows.  I use the same handle as I do on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, duf67.  If you want to see the incredible experience, go here.

This weekend has standard items on the schedule.  I have started a text file with ideas for various videos I have been wanting to make.  The list is about a half dozen items long, hopefully I can knock some of them out.


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