Down again, New wrenching, Luke

My monster sized AnyCubic Chiron is broken once again.  I had the hot bed cable snap on me a month or so ago.  Now it appears there is a problem with the cable harness that runs to the hot end.  After locking up during a print, the hot end will not longer get to operating temperature.  I have to find the motivation to rip the cable chain apart and inspect the cable thoroughly in the hope I can get a replacement from AnyCubic.  It’s frustrating.

I have targeted a new automotive project, replacing the spark plugs in the Prius.  Although the car is running ok with just under 225k on the odometer it is way past overdue for plugs.  I don’t know if the prior owner ever replaced the plugs but we have had it since 132,000 miles and never did it yet.  I watched a couple videos on the job to get a general idea of what is involved.  It looks mildly challenging but nothing that I can’t trudge through.  I am still crossing my fingers that I am able to squeeze some more miles out of the car as my daily driver until I am in a position to purchase either a Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Kona EV.

I was a bit shocked/saddened to hear that Luke Perry died after suffering a massive stroke last week.  Like a lot of people of my generation, I was a regular 90210 viewer but what really affects me is his age, we are basically the same.  He did not strike me as the type of person physically that would be an early stroke victim, yet he is now gone.  Once you cross the half century mark, the odds overall are still in your favor but clearly you could still drop from a heart attack or stroke with little warning.  Obviously I put consistent effort into my health but even so, there is no assurance I won’t check out tomorrow.  All I can hope for is my work helps make my odds of a healthy existence a little bit better.



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