Passed one more to come

This morning I had my follow up appointment with the pulmonologist.  While he and the nurse were outside the exam room I heard him talking as he looked at my chart.  He said there was no high res CT results in there, something they talked about scheduling back in September.  I knew it was supposed to happen but I assumed that maybe it was going to get scheduled after this appointment.  So when he walked in the office I already knew what he was going to say.

I told him I knew about the other CT but it never got scheduled by his staff for whatever reason.  He did at least have the results from the breathing test I took Monday and he said they were totally normal.  However since that nodule in my lung was spotted on the last CT, he needs this follow up CT to verify nothing strange is going on in there.   When he asked how I was feeling overall I said fine, outside of situations where I am trying to exert myself cardio-wise.  I told him I never have returned to normal in that regard.  He didn’t seem too concerned since I don’t have any apparent function problems with normal day to day activities.

Not only is this CT to check on the nodule, it is a high res version of the test that should also shed more light on the possible fibrosis observation I got back in September.  It’s something the pulmonologist dismissed as highly unlikely, but this version of the test should give a very clear picture that can rule that out completely.   So in about two weeks I hope to have the test completed.  That will dictate the next step.

Of course none of this will help with the mysterious right side pain that has continued to be brought on by increasingly lesser forms of exertion during weight training.  I have modified my gym routine quite a bit since this got bad late last year to phase out a lot of the heavy and/or extreme exercises that contributed to the pain.  Even with doing so I still feel it from time to time, it’s frustrating getting old and feeble.

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