48 Miles, Massive mow, 17 years, Captain Marvel, Two days Lost, A Beast of a Stream

My ride back home on the scooter Friday night went well although I was pretty beat up by the end of it.  I did a lot of seated riding the last 10 miles of the trip.  Despite not having a 100% full charge before leaving the office I still got home with right around two (of five) battery bars remaining.  As I said in the video, I doubt I will ever do the commute again on a scooter.  The large amount of sidewalk riding I have to do makes a scooter a real pain in the ass to control since the speed control is done with your finger, which is constantly getting bumped around on sidewalks.

On Saturday I had targeted yard maintenance as the TO DO item of the weekend.  I hit it hard with weed whacking and mowing (assisted by Cindy) on Saturday and then I mowed the back yard on Sunday.  We also moved the RV so we could mow down everything under/around it in anticipation for the massive baby shower that is being held at the house in a couple weeks.  While I was doing this yard work I once again looked at the overgrown mound by the culvert that leads to the neighbors property.  That spot is always overgrown because a big rock resides there.  For almost as long as I can remember living at the house I remember having the thought that “yea, I should pull that thing out”.  Well for whatever reason, Saturday was the day where I finally made that happen.

I did this late in the afternoon Saturday, when I was already hurting from nearly a full day of yard work. I knew the rock was big but I wasn’t sure exactly how big.  Like an iceberg, only the top portion of it was exposed, I had no idea what remained underground.  My implements of removal included a shovel, a sledge hammer and my iron post/pry bar.  I only actually needed the pry bar.  I jammed it into the ground around the stone to determine what was hard and what wasn’t.  Once a rough perimeter was established I was able to drive the bar deep into the ground to get under the rock.

Once I had dislodged the big stone, I was able to flip it end over end to the back of the truck.  All that remained was hoisting it onto the tailgate, which I thought would be mildly entertaining.  It reminded me of my day at Stone Park with my buddy Lou during our last NYC trip. During that strongman style workout we lifted heavy things for hours.

Saturday night Cindy and I went to see Captain Marvel, a movie that has been hyped ever since the last Avengers movie.  I had heard a few reviews of the movie and they were all pretty much middle of the road on the Marvel scale, which is already elevated above other comic book movies by a large margin.  I know there was some buzz about the movie being too feminist, which I really didn’t understand.  I knew next to nothing about Captain Marvel prior to the film being announced.  I think they did a good job establishing her origin story, setting her up for whatever her role is in Avengers Endgame.

The CGI tech they can do do nowadays to change the age of an actor almost seamlessly is incredible.  They took 30 or 40 years off Samuel Jackson and you hardly noticed.  They did the same thing with Coulson, amazing stuff.  Overall I would agree that from a Marvel standard, the movie was middle of the road, not approaching Winter Soldier, or any of the Avenger movies, but it was still a entertaining film that got both of us pumped for Endgame, which releases next month. I’d give Captain Marvel a B+ or A-.

Daylight savings was Saturday night so all of Sunday felt like I was behind schedule.  I didn’t even get a chance to go out for a ride.  Like I mentioned I mowed the back yard in the afternoon.  Earlier in the day we ran to Home Depot where we got some garden soil and some more plants to replenish the garden which I planted in 87 degree heat.  I also had to replace a sprinkler head by the garden which stopped oscillating.  No wonder certain plants in there were looking stressed.

I was pissed when during the day I had to change filament on what would be my longest print ever.  My slicing software estimated the completion time at FOUR DAYS, which was probably conservative.  It’s a huge and incredibly complex fantasy castle.  When I did the filament change I was more than two days into the print.  Well when I performed the change I was not being as careful as I should be.  Evidently I put weight on the X gantry during the change which pushed it down a few millimeters.  The end result was when I tried to resume the print it was at the wrong height and I had no way to recover.  So now I have a very cool looking half model that Cindy vows she will do something cool with.

Sunday night I had another live stream.  It was a unique stream for a couple reasons.  As I was interacting with chat all of a sudden I saw a blue “super chat” pop up for $2.  A super chat is basically a donation from a viewer, when they do this their chat is given special visual treatment so it stands out.  I had never had somebody donate before so I was shocked.  I thanked him for his generosity.

L.A Beast Net Worth

Later in the stream I saw the name skippy62able pop in, holy cow, that is LA Beast! LA Beast is one of my favorite YouTubers.  He has a very funny personality and his specialty is stunts, mostly eating stunts.  A few weeks ago I had him do a Cameo video for me for hitting the 5000 subscriber mark.  Beast is a big YouTuber with almost three MILLION subscribers.

So anyway, I reacted to him being there and asked if that was really him, which it was.  Shortly after Beast appeared a bunch of other names started showing up in chat that I had never seen before.  Evidently LA Beast told people to come “raid” my stream to get me some more views and likes which was funny and awesome.  He even did his own $1.99 super chat donation to me which was so nice.  When he did the Cameo for me he referenced a bunch of my videos which he evidently watched.  He also must have subscribed to me and got live streaming notification.  Cindy was excited for me when she heard Beast was on.

Later on during the stream I got two more super chat donations, one of which was for $20.  I couldn’t believe it.  All of the excitement in the stream gave me the energy to keep it going, well past the two hour mark.  It was a cool way to end the weekend.


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