Need more, Officially gone, Officially coming back

For quite a few weeks I have been not getting great amounts of sleep.  It seems like my bed time has been consistently slipping back to 11:30 or later.  With a 6AM alarm during the week that seems to be adding up to a lot of drowsiness.  I never have gotten a consistent 8 hours of sleep but I sure would like to shoot for it.  As you reach your elderly years as I have, rest is important.

So Nick Foles is officially going to be a Jacksonville Jaguar which makes me sad.  Of course I wish him the best of luck but I am curious how this will all pan out.  Nick’s best time in the league has been with the Eagles by far.  When he was traded years back he struggled mightily.  I am curious if he will be able to have the same secret success sauce with the Jaguars.  I already have read a couple stories mocking Jacksonville for paying big money for a QB that statistically was at best marginally better than Blake Bortles their current QB, who is due to be cut.  Plus it seems like there weren’t any other teams that were in red hot pursuit of Nick, making Jackonsville’s big contract more questionable.

The other Eagles news was they have traded to bring Desean Jackson back to the team.  I have mixed feelings about it.  When he was released years ago I remember feeling relieved.  I hated his cocky attitude, although his athletic ability was top notch.  Ironically it seems Jackson’s best games since leaving the Birds were when he played against them. He has put up some big numbers against the Eagles but overall he has never reached the superstar status he thought he already had attained as a young player.

My hope is now at 31 years of age, Desean has matured at least a little bit and isn’t quite as much of an asshole as he was 10 years ago.  By all accounts he still has great speed which is something the Eagles receiving group did not have a lot of last year.  It will be cool to have a legitimate downfield threat to help keep defenses honest.  Hopefully Carson can stay healthy enough next year to throw some balls to him.

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