Has it hit it’s peak?

So yesterday before work I stopped at Walgreens to drop off my prescription for the two meds I was prescribed for the Bell’s Palsy.  I got there about 7:55 but was surprised they only opened at 8AM.  I patiently waited the 5 minutes and walked in with my prescriptions in hand.  The clerk at the door said the pharmacy doesn’t open until nine, wtf.  I asked if it would be possible to leave the prescription back there so they could enter it when they got in?  Nope, not possible, for reasons unknown to me.  So instead I dropped off the prescription over lunch.

I got a message on my home phone mid-afternoon that they were ready to pick up.  I went through the drive thru window to grab the meds and head home.  For some reason when I was about halfway back I decided to check the bag.  It had one item in there, son of a bitch.  I should know better than to assume someone is thorough.  I called the pharmacy and said I was missing one of the scripts.  “Whoops, our bad, it’s here.”  So I will be making my fourth trip to Walgreens in two days to pick up the rest today.  I did get the steroids which is probably the more helpful of the two drugs anyway.

So it seemed like as the day progressed my symptoms actually continued to progress.  If you watch the video I did last night covering installing Slime in my KingSong unicycle, I look genuinely stroked out at times.  My mouth was sagging when talking and the entire right side was drooping.  Katie saw me for the first time last night since it happened and was shocked.  This morning after a decent night of sleep I feel a little better, we will see how things look/sound by the end of the day.


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