Burned, Blacked out

I was shocked as others to see the images of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral burning in an inferno-like manner yesterday.  My first thought was if this was an intentional act.  Even if it was, I don’t know that they would admit it.  A friend on Facebook posted information saying that this was the fourth church in France to burn in the last 80 days which surely seems like more than coincidence.  Having such a historic building go up in flames is pretty tragic in my book, regardless of the religious context it represents.  It seems like it was not a total loss and is rebuildable but obviously it can never be the same.

Cindy once again worked late into the evening finishing up her black grout project.  It’s pretty much finished at this point outside of some minor touch ups here and there.  The black is without a doubt a better visual, making the floor seem much more wood like than before where the light gray grout broke it all apart.   I have no idea how many hours in total Cindy spent on this but I am sure it is approaching a couple dozen.



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