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I could really feel the stress test in my legs yesterday and again today.  The last time I ran on a treadmill at that degree of incline was in the basement of my townhouse in Wernersville.  I also happened to damage my right knee during that session.  I am hoping to not repeat history in that way.

Last night Cindy and I watched the epic Game of Thrones episode three which was the ultimate battle against the Night King.  I had heard multiple complaints of much of the episode being too dark so I adjusted my TV picture ahead of time which made it better but not perfect.  There were still a a lot of times that it was a struggle to see exactly WTF was going on.

Of course it is too early to post spoilers but let me just say I seriously question the strategic decisions made by the Winterfell army.  Choke points are a thing, just saying…  The bottom line was I loved the episode, it was edge of your seat suspenseful the entire time with amazing visuals (when it wasn’t so dark) throughout.  I can’t believe in the span of three days I was treated to two of the most amazing cinematic experiences of my life with End Game followed up by this.  With three episodes left I have to wonder how in the world GOT can step up the suspense any further.

Last night on my way home I used Auto Pilot in the Tesla for the majority of the ride.  It safely navigated me from Davis Blvd all the way to our street, a distance of close to 20 miles.  The only time I intervened was the right turn onto Immokalee Road where there are two turning lanes, one of which is turn on red.  The car does not know how to do that, yet.

So evidently Tesla YouTube content is very popular.  The video I posted from my initial drive on Saturday has already zoomed to over 3000 views in a few days, the fastest any video in recent memory has grown on my channel.  I already planned to be doing a lot of Tesla content, the view count reinforces that resolve.

Today I will be heading home mid-afternoon to finish packing before heading north to Tampa for a two day conference.  I am packing two PEV’s to help entertain me during downtime.  Although I could take the Tesla it would require me to find some charging options while up there which I don’t feel like dealing with so I am just taking Cindy’s Ioniq for the journey.  I’ll be back in town Thursday evening so you won’t even miss me.





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