Just the sun, Washed, No 2FA??

When I got home last night Cindy told me the big fan in the coop wasn’t working.  I have that still hooked to utility power so I went out to investigate.  When I checked it became apparent that all of the AC power to the coop was off.  Hmm that’s odd.  So I checked the circuit breaker for that line and it was untripped.  So I checked the other stuff connected to that line like the small shed and Cindy’s RV, they were dead as well.

My low tech and definitely not up to code way to provide power to those spots is a long buried extension cable that has been in service for something like 10 years.  There is a junction point right at the small shed, I am hoping maybe that connection just needs to be redone.  If not I have to run and bury a new line this weekend.  The outage means my only source of power in the coop is the solar system which should be fine as long as we continue to have mostly sunny days with the Yeti powering things overnight.

Last night I washed the Tesla for the first time.  It was not real dirty but I also wanted to go over the car well to make sure there weren’t any other hidden paint defects, which I didn’t find.  I finally had somebody from the remote tech group scheduling department call me yesterday.  I got some more frustration and borderline anger out of the conversation.

I explained the run around I had been getting since the day after I picked up the car, including unreturned voicemails, emails, and being told my car should go to three different places for remediation.  I also told her how I was waiting since Friday for someone to call me back to have the remote tech group scheduled to work on the car.

When I told her I was told that a remote tech would address the paint run is when things got really interesting.  She said a paint run would have to be handled by a body shop.  She then said that paint defects are supposed to be handed by the delivery team and technically they are supposed to be reported within the first 24 hours.  Part of the delivery of the car is supposed to include a thorough walk around to verify everything is fine.  Well our delivery was a bit helter skelter and rushed, that thorough walk around never happened.

When the phone rep said “Tesla may not cover the paint issue” , I lost my shit a little bit on her.  I told her if it was not covered I would “raise holy hell”.  She moderated her statement and said that it doesn’t mean that it won’t be covered but technically any paint flaws are supposed to be identified up front and handled by the delivery department.  When I told her what I was told by the Dania Beach service guy , she said it was incorrect.  Any paint flaws have to be approved by the delivery department.  So anyway the end result is a remote tech is supposed to pick up my car today to at least align the steering wheel.  The paint issue is going to require more effort and aggravation to sort through.

Yesterday I saw a video regarding the security or potential lack there of Tesla vehicles.  When we got the car, part of the process was using the key cards to activate our phones to work with the vehicle.  We were told the cards are needed to make the phone work with the car, makes sense right?  Wrong.  In the video I watched as they demonstrated that all that is needed to remotely access the car is the Tesla app and proper credentials.  This seemed incredulous to me.  Basically if someone is sloppy or uses a weak password somebody could unlock, start and drive away in their vehicle.

I had to see this for myself so last night I had Katie load the Tesla app on her Samsung phone.  I then logged in with my credentials and boom, had full access to the car.  I honked the horn while I sat in the great room.  This blew my mind.  So of course a secure, complex password is step one but it is insane that Tesla has no further security in place like two factor authentication.  It’s a widespread practice where if you log in from a different device a code is sent to either your phone or email to confirm it is really you.

The lack of this extra step makes no sense to me.  There have been cases of criminals setting up fake Tesla wifi at supercharger locations to grab owners credentials.  Once they have that, they have access to the car and all contents inside of it.  The only upside to the situation is if someone tried to actually take the car, the same access that allowed them in it will also allow the car to be shut down remotely if need be.  Regardless, this policy seems like a foolish one by Tesla.  Hopefully the remedy it in the future but until then my Tesla credentials will be highly guarded.



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