A lot of winning for one day

Wow yesterday was a good day.  Early in the morning I got a call from my mobile Tesla service advisor confirming that the paint run in the Tesla would be covered.  She banged some heads together at the Dania Beach service center and got me the authorization I need to take it to a local Tesla certified body shop to get the work done.  I have an appointment to go there late this afternoon to get an estimate and schedule the work.

I also had the Tesla remote tech visit me yesterday although that wasn’t really a win, although it was a bit creepy.  I got a call from him saying he was onsite.  I asked him if he wanted to meet me out front and I could take him to the car.  He said he was already parked by it, despite the car being on the third level of a parking garage.  Yea like I said, if you are concerned about privacy, a Tesla isn’t the car for you.

So he confirmed the steering wheel was misaligned but he didn’t actually have time to take it to the shop to get it fixed.  Instead he said he would schedule the work to get done next week.  I told him I was told it was going to be taken care of today but it wasn’t the end of the world to have it done next week, especially when I don’t really have to do anything to make it happen since they will pick up and return the car.

Yesterday I signed up for a site called teslafi.com  It connects to your car and aggregates an incredible amount of statistics about how the car is performing.  It is a statisticians dream.

My biggest win of the day came regarding my outrageous ER bill.  So when I first called the billing department to complain about the charges the woman didn’t have any answers for me besides saying that meds cost more in the ER.  That was regarding the single pill I was charged $715 for which I got a weeks prescription for less than 20 bucks the following day.  So I did not accept that answer and asked her how I dispute charges.  She gave me the number of another woman that handles that.

So I called this woman and repeated my story.  She seemed to agree with me that the charges seemed a little out of whack.  She said she would put the bill in for an audit to review. As I expected when she called me back a few days later she said the audit said the charges were correct.  I told her that I was not surprised as it was the hospital checking on itself.  I said unless an outside source confirmed the charges it doesn’t seem very meaningful.  Surprisingly the woman sort of agreed with me and said she was forwarding the bill to someone else to review.  I thanked her for continuing to work on this but hung up not thinking anything significant would change.

When I saw I had a voicemail on my home phone yesterday and started listening, it was from someone at NCH.  I assumed the message would be that the next person reviewed the bill and again came back with too bad, so sad.  Instead the message told me that upon further review, the medication cost was deemed to be excessive.  They were going to totally eliminate it from the bill, wow.  I certainly didn’t expect that result but it was further proof that being persistent is a trait that reaps rewards in all aspects of life.  The hospital rep said the revised bill would be resubmitted to insurance and the end result should be my portion of the charges will hopefully be significantly reduced.

When I got home last night I had to head out to the coop to do some stop gap energy conversation.  It was overcast and raining a good portion of the day yesterday so the solar panels didn’t get to fully replenish the Yeti.  Since the solar generator is currently the only source of power out there right now I had to turn off non-essential power draws so the fan and security DVR were unplugged.  The only things I have juiced up for now is the wifi router, smart switches, and the LED light.  This weekend I need to figure out and address why the utility power is no longer working.

I kept winning with other projects during the night.  I got the Ninebot One E+ reassembled.  At first it seemed like a loss when I again punctured the new tube I had bought for it when putting the tire back on.  I decided to put the old tube back in which still held air but had a slightly mangled valve.  I got it inflated and back together.  If it wasn’t raining I would have taken it out for a reunion tour ride.

After finishing the work on the Ninebot I decided since I already had the table set up I should install my dark olive rail guard set on the One Weel to match the bumpers I installed a couple weeks prior.  Having everything match really cleans up the look of the wheel and since green is my favorite color, I am very happy with the new visual.  Hopefully I get some time on the board this weekend.

As always I have a lot of things to potentially keep me busy the next two days.  Of course we are now at the time in Katie’s pregnancy where the baby could literally come at anytime so you have to be ready for the fire drill.  It would be something if the baby came on Mother’s Day.

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