It’s dangerous to sleep with me

So last night I had a dream, something I do quite regularly but also something I have not been able to recall many details from in recent years.  However last night was different.  I recall literally no details about what lead up to the event.  All I can tell you is I am pretty sure it transpired as I was going down into the basement of the Gouglersville house I grew up in.  I have detailed here before how the basement of that old farmhouse used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.  I always felt like someone was watching me and I would never dare look towards the furnace until I pulled one of the drawstring lights as I was pretty sure that was where the eyes were coming from.

So anyway in the dream I was walking down the steps of that basement and at the bottom I made a left hand turn, towards the side the furnace was on.  I was looking down as I normally would but I glanced up for just a second.  I suddenly had the shadowy outline of a person right in front of me and slightly to my right.  In a split second, in my dream I snapped my right leg out and up, delivering a blow to the side of the shadows head, dropping it.  The dream ended right there as I realized I had actually kicked my right leg out violently in bed as well.

I was on the right side of the bed (as you lay on it)  My right leg was only partially covered and easily shot into the air.  When I woke up I realized just how hard I had kicked, my right knee felt the strain of going from sound asleep to adrenaline fueled, full force flailing in no time flat.  It was pretty crazy.

I have had other flailing incidents in my sleep that Cindy has unfortunately been on the receiving end of but this kick was an entire new level of action.  Thankfully I was so tired I was able to fall back asleep rather quickly with no further basement dreams corrupting my dreamworld.

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