Trust was justified, acting weird

So throughout the day I was pinging the guy that bought my 99 Tacoma regarding him dropping off the money that I lent him to pay for the title transfer and taxes.  Despite my gut feeling the guy was trustworthy, my past history of being overly trusting leading to bad situations made me paranoid to a degree.  It turned out my paranoia was unnecessary, he showed up shortly after I got home from work with money in hand.  He arrived in my Tacoma meaning he got the tag and insurance handled as well.  It looked weird seeing someone else driving up and away in my truck.  He told me he loves the truck which I was happy to hear.  I told him to take good care of it as I walked back up the driveway before shooting one parting glance of the Tacoma as he pulled away.  Adios to my faithful friend….

So while I was in the yard I noticed that one of my favorite  chickens, Cutie Pie was acting very strangely.  She was darting around the coop with her mouth wide open.  She then would head outside and loop around, reentering the coop.  She seemed disoriented.  I was immediately concerned and called Cindy over.   We were worried that maybe she was dehydrated, causing her to act weird.  Cindy gave her some water via syringe and gave her chunks of watermelon as well.

When we put the chickens to bed we saw there was an extra egg in the nesting boxes.  We think the egg was from Cutie and perhaps she just had to get the egg out and was freaking out because her sister, Cupcake had been camping out in the nesting box most of the day as she has resumed her broody behavior.  Cindy is going to keep an eye on her today.

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