Expanding horizons

Last night Cindy was teaching a class so I used the time to start working on level 2 skills on the Ninebot One.  I am now fairly confident in my ability to handle basic control fundamentals in a more or less safe manner.  I can start, stop, and turn consistently.  However there are more advanced things to learn like riding backwards, jumping small objects, and simply getting on and off the wheel in a more controlled manner.  I practiced all three of these things to varying degrees in the driveway and as expected, going backwards was the least successful of the three.  I did manage to avoid any awful wipeouts, a testament to my ability to maintain balance, awkwardly, even in more demanding situations.  Take a look if you have 19 minutes to kill.

I had another mess of a day at work yesterday, still related to the larger mess from last week.  Before I rebuilt our main domain controller, I transferred all the FMSO roles to another DC that was a VM.  Yesterday the phone started ringing from people saying the time on their pc’s was off like 6 or 7 minutes.  A quick glance confirmed this.  Domain time is normally handled by the DC that holds the PDC Emulator role.

So I did some digging and found out that when you have a DC in a Hyper-V environment you need to disable the default behavior of a virtual machine to set it’s time based on the Hyper-V host.  I went a step further, transferring the PDC Emulator role back to the original domain controller which is a physical server.  I then ran the regedit command on both virtual DC’s to get them back in sync.

Even after this change I was chasing down rogue time problems during the day as a few servers did not want to grab the change until I forced them to do so.  I finally got everything back on the same page at the end.  Having varying system times on a Windows domain can cause all sorts of weird problems. I hope I can now move forward with getting our office fully moved over to Office 365.  I keep running into roadblocks that are making the progress on that goal very slow.

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