Crossing off the list, Patrick is coming

After work last night I stopped at Home Depot with the recommended tool list for the leveling kit install.  I needed to pick up a couple impact sockets, wrenches, and even a crow bar.  Chuck is going to be bringing down some of his tools as well so between the two of us we should have everything covered.  I cut a short video last night revealing what the next mod was on YouTube, something I had not done as of yet.  It seems like teasing projects is a popular formula for keeping your subscribers engaged.

So I am off Monday through Wednesday next week.  Chuck and I are doing the lift on Monday during the day and Patrick and his girlfriend are supposed to show up late in the afternoon for a quick three day visit.  I met his girlfriend Nico during my January trip up north and she seems like a great girl.  I am sure we will have a fun visit with them as Patrick is always up for pretty much anything you throw at him.

This weekend I’d like to do a few clean up operations around the household in anticipation of housing visitors.   I also am anticipating the arrival of my Monster which I have been tracking regularly.  As of 9:30 last night it was damn close to entering the Florida panhandle.  I am crossing my fingers that it might actually show up on Saturday instead of Monday.

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