First time in weeks, Finally a 6

So for the first time in weeks I successfully completed a print on my CR-10.  I can’t even begin to describe all of the things I tried, installed, removed, and repaired trying to get back to this point but it’s been a long list that has been filled with tons of frustration.

My successful print was the famous Benchy boat print which is used to test how well a printer is calibrated.  My model turned out pretty damn clean.  I tried to build on my success by trying to print a much larger model but ran into some adhesion problems I need to work on some more.  Still, it was my first success after a long string of failures so it felt good.

This morning we woke up to something that had not been seen since probably late April or early May, an outside temperature that started with a 6.  The thermometer read 69 degrees.  It felt wonderful outside.  The oppressive heat and humidity of south Florida feels longer each year, making the prospect of eventually moving to a more temperate climate in the future a very appealing concept.

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