SO dark, not my normal luck

It felt quite odd to be driving home yesterday and have it be so dark.  It was my first workday since daylight savings changed meaning the light is pretty much gone by 6PM. It sucks for me because it means I no longer have any daylight to do anything outside if need be during the week.  I still can take my EUC out for a ride if I feel so inclined at least.

Yesterday was another day of frustration in my hurricane remediation efforts.  For nearly a week I have been trying to get my closing scheduled to reopen my home equity line.  During that period I have called in at least three times, talked to someone who said a closer will be calling me back and then had no action.

I am going through almost an identical but even more egregious example with my homeowners insurance.  I am now going on my third week of trying to get an answer regarding my request to adjust the amount of my claim based on the estimates I have received.  It is no wonder people hate insurance companies as much as they do.  It seems crystal clear that the clear objective here is to stonewall and frustrate the customer until they give up and accept whatever was offered to them, regardless of fairness.  Unfortunately for them, I don’t give up that easily.

I had a bizarre case of good luck with this weeks fantasy football game.  I went into last nights game with a comfortable lead of almost 40 points but my opponent had the Detroit QB and WR.  When I woke up today and and saw Stafford had 38 points I thought once again I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  However I happened to have the Detroit running back Riddick playing.  He had his best fantasy game of the season, scoring 7 points, giving me a nail biter one point win 89-88.  The win kept me in solid position in my division with a 5-4 record.  There seems to be a lot of teams floating around .500 this season with no truly dominant roster.

Yep I have not mentioned the latest mass shooting because it is just the same scenario played out again and again.  Gun activists freak out at people suggesting some minimal actions like removing gun permitting loop holes and banning automatic weapons followed by brief periods of name calling back and forth.  The end result is we just keep circling, never moving forward.

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