Another one

I have printed a lot of items on my 3D printers since I got them.  One of the things I have printed the most of are electric unicycle stands. I bet in total I have printed close to 10 of them. I just gave Katie one of my stands for her new Mten3 so it was time for me to print another.

This print takes a lot of plastic and time.  In total for all of the parts I bet it takes a full 24 hours of print time.  I try to do each new stand in a different color.  For Christmas I got hooked up with a TON of new filament so I decided to make the new stand out of orange PLA, one of my favorite colors.

Despite making a ton of these stands I really have never documented the process of putting it together and what hardware I use.  I decided to remedy that last night when I saw the print had finished during the day.  If you are just dying to know how it all goes together, click above.

I’m in holiday recovery mode, mentally, physically, and verbally.

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