Virtual meets physical, Live Longer, Getting busy

So yesterday I discovered a new, very cool thing I can print on my 3D printers, my actual characters from World of Warcraft.  Using a couple different software packages I am able to extract the 3D model for any of my characters and then use another piece of software to create an STL file that I can feed to my 3D printer.

Over the decade plus I have been playing the game I have invested months of time in some of these virtual representations of myself, to be able to pull them out of the computer and into the physical world would be really cool.  Right now I have two of the models printing.  They are long, complex prints so I am crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong.  If the prints complete successfully that is only the first part of the project.  I then hope to turn the models over to Cindy where she hopefully will be able to apply some of her painting skills to make the models really look accurate.

Last night I did another YouTube Live session, with Cindy pitching in this time.  We set a new simultaneous viewer record, having 11 people on the stream at one point, whoopee.  Even with the small audience we had a good session.  One of the guys in chat we found out was a video editor that has worked on a ton of shows and major movies.  He found my channel via the Tacoma route since he has 2017 he recently bought.  There were a number of interesting people in chat.  Before I knew it I had been streaming for over an hour and a half.  I shut it down since I was setting an extra early alarm for today to get some stuff done at work.

Today I am on the eve of another extended weekend which I am excited about.  Of course I already have a healthy mental checklist of things I’d like to accomplish during that time including doing the front brake pads on the Prius, yard maintenance, carpet cleaning, and more.  The nice thing about having a block of four days off is I can get all these things done and still have plenty of time to spare.

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