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Yes you haven’t heard much from me this week as time seemed to fly by with other things consuming my time.  Last night when I got home one of the first things I did was investigate a cable tv/internet outage that Cindy told me about earlier.  When she left for work in the morning everything was working, when she returned later nothing was.

The first thing I noticed when I got home was an orange coax cable run from the pole to my neighbor’s house.  It was just laying across the grass which was odd.  It seemed like too much of a coincidence that this cable appeared the same day our service went down.  I went over to the neighbors to find out what was up.

They said that they just had cable internet service added to their house and the orange cable was the temporary line the installer used until someone else could come to do a buried line.  The timeline of the work fell in line with my suspicion as he finished up after Cindy had already left for work.  I called up support and told them I suspected their installer somehow managed to disconnect/damage our line in the process of hooking up the neighbor.  I now have to go home this afternoon to meet up with a tech to figure out what exactly happened.

As you can imagine, in our household the lack of a high speed internet connection can be mildly disruptive as I have so many devices connected to it.  Despite being cut off via land I was able to provide internet access to my PC via a personal hotspot on my iPhone.  The connection proved to be surprisingly robust, even allowing me to play an hour or so of WoW without issue.

This weekend will be a busy one.  Cindy and I are attending Ali’s Run for the Paws 5K on Saturday.  We will arrive somewhat early to lend a hand where needed.  Once again Sadie is going to “run” the race with us.  We would love to take Elsa with but she would literally be terrified the entire time and it would be a miserable experience.

The rest of the weekend I will jam in my normal list of things to do.  We also have some clean up around the place that should get done before hosting our SuperBowl party next weekend.

I have a weird pain that has been mutating over the past week or so.  It started out as pain in the right jaw hinge when I chew.  The pain got more painful as time passed but also sort of migrated to the point where it feels like half jaw/half ear.  With my long history of ear infection problems I am hoping I am not dealing with one again.  The past two nights I have been trying to beat back whatever it is by laying on my left side with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and isoproply alcohol in my right ear.  A couple times in the past I was able to reverse similar pain by doing this.  The last couple days the pain has stepped down a few degrees but is still clearly present.  Hopefully I can avoid seeing a medical professional for this.


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