Finally reviewed

I finally got around to doing a video review of the laser engraver I was sent by GearBest a month or so ago.  It is not a high end device at all and has a very small (38MM square) burn area but it does indeed work.  I have done a number of test burns on cardboard and they have turned out well.  Like most Chinese products there are some odd and quirky aspects to the device but for what it costs, it does the job.

Wow ever since Logan Paul decided it would be funny to shoot video of a guy that hung himself in Japan’s “Suicide Forest”, my ad revenue has got hammered.  A similar thing happened when PewDiPie was accused of making racist remarks on his channel last year.  Advertisers knee jerk reaction to this shit is to stay away and seems like that is once again the case.  My predicted monthly revenue since the Logan Paul video has dropped almost exactly by a third.  When you combine this with the recently changed partner program announcement that rips monetization away from channels with less than 1000 subscribers it adds up to a whole lot of suck.

You will notice that I have started to include my standard affiliate links at the bottom of my blog posts.  It’s just another way to diversify and get more exposure.  Feel free to ignore them or check them out, whatever floats your boat.

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