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So one of the many unfun things about turning 50 is the requirement for our county health insurance plan that I undergo a colonoscopy, a procedure I never had.  I understand the reasoning behind it, it’s a good preventative measure to catch any potential issues early.  It certainly doesn’t mean I want to have it done.

I have been putting it off for a couple months but finally decided to schedule the colonoscopy yesterday which should take place at the beginning of March.  Everyone says the procedure itself is no big deal, it’s the prep ahead of time that sucks where they give you a drink that flushes out your intestines, forcefully.  I’m sure that like most things, once it’s over with I will think it was less of a big deal than it currently appears.  Still, if I wasn’t forced to do it for insurance reasons, I’d probably put it off for a few more years.

While I was in the wellness mindset I also mentally committed to go get an eye exam on Monday.  My distance vision has been deteriorating for the last six or seven years.  For about the last five years one of my New Year’s resolutions has been to get my eyes checked and I have continued to push it off.  Since my eyes still work for looking at a computer screen all day I have just rolled with it.

My problem is exactly the thing that lasik does best at addressing but there is no way I would want to spend that kind of money.  Getting contacts is also out of the picture as I have a HORRIBLE time doing anything eye related.  I can’t even keep them open to put in eye drops.  Part of the reason I have not gotten my eyes checked is fear of the eye exam itself.   I am hoping the end result of all of this is I get a prescription for glasses that will allow me to comfortably see distance when necessary.  I can’t imagine a scenario where I would want to or need to wear glasses full time.

This weekend will have an extra level of activity with the Super Bowl Party we are hosting at the house.  Of course this year is taking on additional significance since the Eagles are participants, trying to do what up this point in my life has been impossible, win it all.  Cindy is in full party planning mode, something she really enjoys.  I’m very glad she likes doing it so much because I certainly don’t.

We will be making various tweaks to the house to accommodate the guests which could number 15 or more.  This year we also have the option of splitting the party between the house and Cindy’s RV which can comfortably hold another half dozen people and gets clear reception of NBC on it’s antennae.  I’m sure it will be a fun time for sure.  The only downside is when you are the host of a party it is sometimes difficult to focus on the game itself.  If there was ever a game I wanted to focus on, it’s this one.

Win or lose I am glad I took Monday off to recover.  I will be other too depressed or too elated to be bothered with something like a job for 24 hours.


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