Not much

Don’t have much to share this morning, I guess I spent my verbal currency shooting this video.

This weekend I hope to get back into full normalcy, including restarting my weekend 5K running routine.  Outside of that I expect chores and hobbies to fulfill most of the weekend.

Oh I forgot to mention that I got some good news regarding my roof replacement.  Originally it was scheduled to happen sometime in June.  That timeline has now been accelerated to mid-April which is cool, allowing the work to complete before rainy season begins.  Replacing the shingles with a metal roof will change the look and sound of the house (when it rains) dramatically.

One good thing about the hurricane repairs taking so long is I have not had to dip into my newly reopened home equity line of credit.  With the extended timeline I am hoping I may be able avoid pulling out additional money at all to complete the repair which would be cool.

And now with the plugs!

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