Ultron arrives, Miserable

So on Friday my new PEV arrived, an Ultron Ultra scooter.  You may think this was an odd purchase considering we just got the Dualtron EX scooter for Cindy at the end of last year.  The Ultron is a knock off version of the Dualtron, if you can’t tell by the name.  It’s less expensive but has higher performance numbers and would allow us to both cruise at similar speeds and distance.   This was a different type of purchase as I did not use my US based dealer that I bought many of my devices from.  Instead I bought directly from a store in Singapore using Paypal and communicating via Whatsapp. Doing the transaction direct not only kept the costs down but I also received the scooter in three weeks instead of the three months it took me to get the Dualtron.

After dinner I unboxed the device.  It was packed nicely and the scooter seemed cool, albeit not up to the quality standards of the Dualtron, which I already expected.  There was one big omission in the box, no instructions at all.  This scooter has security features built into it to prevent theft which includes a key FOB like a car would have.  We had no idea how to turn it on.  Luckily I was able to get a hold of Elvis, my guy in Singapore and he gave me the procedure.  I asked if he could send me a manual but the only one he found was in Chinese.  Luckily I was able to eventually translate it to english using Google translate.

Once I got the scooter set up and turned on I wanted to get outside and give it a test ride although it was dark and “cold” (62 degrees)  The weather forecast for the weekend was shitty so I figured I might not have a lot of chances to ride it.  When I first pulled the trigger the additional power was evident as the scooter pulled like a beast.  The dual motors on it have TWICE the power rating of the Dualtron. which is already quite fast.  However the speed seemed to top out at 31kmh, a very mundane number.

I again contacted Elvis via Whatsapp and he explained that the scooter has three “gears” 1-3.  I was in 1st gear which is slow and controlled mode.  He told me how to change it.  So I did the logical thing, I put it in the top speed mode with dual motors and TURBO power setting, the most you could possibly have.  Well when I pulled the trigger this time the acceleration was violent, partially lifting the front tire off the ground.  I very quickly pulled over and dropped back to single motor mode which was still strong but more manageable.  Unfortunately that was the only riding I got to do the rest of the weekend due to the miserable weather.

I had to work late on Friday so I did not get to run.  I decided to get out and do so on Saturday morning instead.  With temps in the 50’s it was good running weather and although I was only running roughly a 10 minute mile pace it was enough for me.  My running has not been consistent recently for various reasons, I’d like to get back on schedule.

While Cindy was teaching a class Saturday morning I went out and got my normal outdoor stuff done before going on a coffee run with Elsa.  On the drive there the rain started which washed out plans Cindy and I had for a tandem scooter ride during the afternoon.  That rain basically continued without interruption the rest of the weekend.

The rainy weather allowed us to focus on indoor tasks.  I knocked out a few maintenance items as well as playing more with my new 3D printer, the CR-10S Pro.  After a few initials hiccups I have been getting some great results with this printer, thus far I am really happy with it.

Saturday night we watched our Netflix rental, Destination Wedding.  This was one of the flicks Cindy picked out, with my blessing as I try to be more open to watching stuff that she likes since she normally does the same for me.  The movie starring Keanu Reeves was literally nothing but dialogue between him and his unexpected love interest.  Both characters take turns exchanging snarky lines the entire movie.  Yes some of the lines were funny but it was just way too much talking for me. I was waiting for any other characters to be introduced, surely it would just not be just the two people talking.  Nope, it was just that.  It was a C- grade movie for my tastes but I am sure Cindy liked it more.

We awoke Sunday to more miserable weather with temps in the low 50’s with rain.  I went out and did the chicken clean up in a steady rain in pajama pants and a rain coat.  I returned inside soaked and chilled to the bone.  I felt especially bad for the young chicks as they don’t have as many options as the adult birds do to escape the rain.  The rain and cold continued the entire day.

For the second day in a row Cindy and I stayed indoors doing indoor things.  Cindy didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as I did, by the afternoon I was just over the two day solid block of shit weather.  I tried to remind myself that this was basically how the entire winter is in PA so two days of it shouldn’t be a big deal.  These internal conversations didn’t help.  My response to the weather was to play a lot of WoW, probably the most I have gotten to play in one day in a couple years.  It was fun but frustrating at the same time.  I almost felt like a fat person does after they finish off that large pizza by themselves, guilty pleasure.

I am hoping this week we can flush out this type of weather and return to sunny and 75, the normal January conditions in SWFL.






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