Transplant, Scraped, Comfortable

Last night my primary project was replacing the massive hotbed on my AnyCubic Chiron.  The four month old printer already had one of the power wires for the bed fail due to wear which is disconcerting.  Anyway I worked my way through the process which was not technically difficult, just slightly time consuming.  I got it all back together and my massive leveling test print completed successfully.  The video I produce of this process will be comedic as it will include my original attempt to splice in wire to fix the problem, which was an epic failure.

This morning I had my annual dermatologist appointment.  I showed off my battle wounds from my faceplant several weeks ago which he was impressed with.  I also have a permanent odd spot in the middle of my back from where the barbell sits when I do squats.  He did scrape a section of skin on my forehead that has been problematic off and on for awhile to see if it’s basal cell skin cancer.  I have had so much skin cancer cut out at this point it is a total non-event if I am told I need to go under the knife again.

The other day I was thinking just how comfortable my life has become over time.  Of course there have been many challenges in the last decade but overall I am lucky to be able to go day to day living in a place most people would like to be with stable employment that affords me the ability to do most things I want in life without massive struggle.  Unlike a lot of people I know, I don’t feel the need to get that bigger/fancier house, pursue a higher paying job, or do anything significantly different than what I am currently doing.  That could be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation.  I think I have definitely put the sweat and effort equity into getting where I am today but I don’t feel like I have much more I need to be pushing towards.


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