Flat fixing

Yesterday the replacement tubes I ordered showed up so I could repair the back tire on the Dualtron.  The scooter took a screw to the sidewall during our ride over the weekend.  I had gotten a head start on the project on Saturday, pulling the wheel off and removing the punctured tire and tube.  This was my first time working on the Dualtron.  I used the fold up table in the garage as a workbench, not an ideal set up but better than trying to do it on my knees on the ground.  The design of the wheels makes changing the tube far easier than any other tire I ever worked on.  There is no wrestling with the tire to get it on and off.  It instead is pressed and held into place with a plate on one side which is screwed down.

After I got the wheel mounted back on the scooter I had to do some screwing around with the brake caliper position until I got everything lined up in a way where the wheel spun freely when not engaged.  I did some additional adjustment to the brake levers to take out some of the slop that was there so the stopping power begins sooner.  I took the scooter for a quick ride down the street just to make sure everything felt normal.  I returned the Dualtron inside, declaring it as fixed as I threw it on the charger, ready for it’s next ride.  It felt good to remedy the situation without major hassles.


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