Documented, Almost time, Removed me

Last night after work I wanted to get back out to document just how fast the Ultron scooter is.  When I rode it Wednesday night I did not have a camera rolling.  Based on just how fast I discovered it is on Wednesday, I put on full gear for the second test.  This time I got similar and slightly higher top speed as I held the scooter at max throttle for a few seconds longer.  The end result was 94kmh showing on the speedometer which translated to over 58mph, holy shit.

I still find it hard to believe that I actually hit those numbers so I want to do some more speed runs using either my phone and/or GPS to see what sort of speed they report.  Even if the speedometer is not entirely accurate, you can see from the video just how fast this thing goes.  Despite having very fat tires, on launch both the front and rear wheels spin for a couple seconds as they try to get all that torque connected to the ground, it’s pretty crazy.

So the baby chickens are growing, growing to the point where having the six of them living in the chicken tractor is getting a bit tight.  We have been moving the tractor every day to give them fresh grass to tear up and poop on.  I still want to give them one more week of living on their own before introducing them to the big hens and their area.  However this weekend I plan to give the babies more room to roam using temporary fencing. A few years ago I bought some temporary fencing that is black fabric with wood stakes built into it.  I want to use that to make a big play pen area around the chicken tractor so the birds have a big space to hang out.  Cindy and I are both hoping the transition to the big chicken yard goes smoothly next week.

This weekend we have standard stuff on the schedule.  I do want to pick up some pilings to use to raise the newly roofed chicken playground.  I am raising the ground level around it so I also need to raise the level inside of the structure so it does not get flooded out during wet season.  The section I raised last year never was underwater last year so I am hoping for similar results, especially since this is now the birds main hang out spot during the day since we closed access under the coop.

The other day for no particular reason I checked on a friend of mine from the running club on Facebook.  This person is an avid Trump supporter.  Donald can truly do no wrong in their eyes.  Now I have known this person for years and never did I know about his political disposition until we became friends on Facebook.  I like and respect this person’s work ethic a ton but I was very surprised when I saw some of the stuff he advocated and shared on social media.  Outside of a few very mild exchanges of opinions on FB I just left it alone.

Well anyway when I saw his profile the other day I saw the ADD FRIEND button was there.  Evidently he unfriended me at some point, surely because I did not share his steadfast support of Trump.   I was disappointed and a little sad when I saw this. However I rarely post anything political, where as 80% of what this person posted was, so it struck me as a bit strange.

I don’t think I have unfriended someone solely because of polar opposite political views.  There have been several that I have filtered out of my feed so I no longer see their posts.  To me this is the best way to handle that sort of situation, the person just sort of fades away and they don’t even know it.  There is a good chance this person didn’t even know that was an option so instead they just smashed that REMOVE FRIEND option after reading something about my disdain for our current president.

Being virtually unfriended doesn’t change my core views of this person.  If I would see them in person I wouldn’t mention it as I can’t see any positive outcome in doing so.  Me mentioning it here is just commentary on the horrific divisiveness that has taken over this country for the last 20 years.  People having very different thoughts and opinions on issues is nothing new, however the advent of the internet and social media in general has weaponized those opinions, making them much more impactful in all of our lives, which is unfortunate.


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