Enjoying the Fruit of my Labor

I have really been enjoying driving my Tesla around on a daily basis.  I have a history of buying nice vehicles and then being hesitant to want to drive them much because of a desire to keep the odometer low and the condition like new.  My 2005 Chevy SSR was the most egregious example of this, it would sit unused in the garage for weeks and weeks.  When I got my new 2016 Tacoma I daily drove it for maybe the first year but then I took ownership of Cindy’s Prius and that became my reliable if unexciting daily driver until the Tesla purchase.  Again I wanted to keep the truck as nice as possible.

So with the Tesla I again feel the desire to keep it pristine but I fully intend to drive the hell out of it.  The dramatically reduced maintenance requirements on an EV make the penalty for stacking up the miles less severe.  It feels nice to be able to enjoy the end result of many years of labor during each commute instead of having it just looking pretty sitting in the garage more or less full time.


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