More mowing, Marble

Last night the rain stayed away allowing me to complete phase three of the weeknight lawn maintenance project, mowing the back yard.  Doing so required roughly another 90 minute of tractor time which is not bad.  If we are not consistent mowing back there and it gets very high the job takes even longer.  Although it consumed a lot of hours, I’m glad the lawn care is done and can be excluded from the  weekend to do list.

For several days my right ear has felt weird.  It coincided with what felt like drainage going down my throat at times.  I have had a long history of ear infections so I was hoping to avoid that scenario.  For the past couple days I had been using alcohol drops in the ear to try to disinfect/clean the ear but I noticed little difference.

Last night after my shower I went a different route, putting a 50/50 solution of peroxide/water in the ear and let it sit there for a few minutes.  I laid on the bed until the peroxide stopped bubbling and then headed to the sink.  I grabbed the rubber syringe  and shot more of the solution into the ear at a high velocity.  After a few shots I was somewhat shocked when I saw a small marble sized ball of gunk pop out of my ear.  It was nasty.  I assume that was the source of my problems.  I need to proactively be hitting my ears with this solution on a regular basis to prevent a repeat performance.

This weekend will likely be busy as the kids close on their house today and plan to move stuff in shortly thereafter.  Not only do I expect to be helping with moving but also assembly of some of the new items they bought for the place.  It’s exciting for them of course.  I am of course looking forward to getting full use of our house back as well.

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