This weekend was pretty textbook by most measures.  I did the weeding Friday night to make Saturday slightly less laborious.  On Saturday my main chore was mowing the grass.  This was the first time mowing since I replaced the blades and defective blade spindle so I was hopeful there would be no issues.  The new parts seemed to hold up well to almost two hours of mowing, I noticed the new blades made a visible difference in the quality of the cut, as they should.

Image result for chevy ev1Saturday night we watched “Who Killed the Electric Car” , a documentary from years ago regarding the Chevrolet EV1 and how it was cut at the knees from various angles.  The sources of attack ranged from oil/gas companies, hydrogen fuel cell companies, and the federal government itself.   The EV1 era was in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.  The most ridiculous piece of information that I got out of the film, which tells you all you need to know is this.  Back then the federal government offered you a $4000 tax break for an electric car.  If you bought a Hummer which was acquired by GM, you could get upwards of a $100000 tax break.  Now that is not a typo.  The federal government was incentivizing people to buy Hummers to an incredulous degree.

I found the documentary interesting.  It also made perfect sense why a brand new car company like Tesla was the fulcrum needed to launch a real electric car demand.  All of the traditional car manufacturers were content to wander along with ancient ICE power plants because it was the most financially expedient thing to do.  Only once Tesla started rattling chains did the rest of the auto industry decide to start moving towards EVs in a serious manner. Thank goodness for Elon.

Sunday morning Cindy and I went for a ride at the Greenway.  It was a fun time as usual but also melt your sneakers hot.  The second you stopped moving it felt like your skin was melting.  I was testing a new set up for audio where I have an external lavalier microphone attached to the GoPro.  It definitely does a better job of delivering clean audio but the downside is being hardwired to the camera is a bit clumsy and inconvenient.

Sunday afternoon we went over to Katie and Daniel’s new place to help unload a new tractor they bought.  Daniel push mowed the yard one time before deciding it was too much work which was funny.  I have a pair of ramps we used to get the tractor off the back of the Ram.  I gave Daniel, who never used a lawn tractor before a brief how to lesson.  The Craftsman mower they bought is a manual transmission, as compared to the automatic hydrostatic transmission I have in my tractor.  My first tractor I ever bought was a manual transmission and I didn’t like it all.  It didn’t take long for me to upgrade.  However for the kids this should get the job done.  Daniel also bought a weed whacker which I helped him assemble but he didn’t have any gas/oil mixture on hand to fire it up.

Late afternoon I worked on washing the Tesla and Tacoma.  As I was drying the Tesla it started to rain so I quickly pulled it into the garage and dried it a second time.  Car washing has become a much more regular thing since I acquired the Tesla.  It’s such a good looking and fun car that I just want to try to keep it clean as much as possible.

As I did my bills on Sunday I went through my credit card statement.  During that process I saw that Comcast AGAIN has raised it’s monthly charges, something it seems to do without notification on nearly a monthly basis.  The new bill was $239 which is utterly ridiculous.  I plan on calling them today to get my plan changed and to be put on a promo rate.  How in the world can Comcast complain about it’s eroding customer base when it insists on charging insane amounts for services that can be streamed elsewhere for much less.  Idiots.

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