Setting records, Under Promise Over Deliver

My two “side jobs” have both set new records this month as far as dollars generated.  The 3D EUC stand store is going to have it’s best month ever, with a week to go I am just shy of $1000 in sales.  As I have said before, my net proceeds in the store are much less but still, it’s a big number.  My YouTube ad revenue crossed $500 for the first time ever which I did not expect.  I have not done a lot of Tesla content lately which seems to get big views but the PEV stuff I have been putting out there seems to be performing better than it used to as well.  Now if I can only find away to multiply those numbers by a factor of 8-10 and we can talk about early retirement. 🙂 The EUC and PEV market is growing rapidly, I may have just hit the wave at the right time.

Proceeds from the store are being used to pay for a second Prusa MK3S printer, assembled this time instead of the kit which took me easily 8 hours of time to assemble.   Putting it together was fun, once, I didn’t need to do it again.  Anyway, I ordered the assembled printer on Sunday night with a posted back order of three weeks until shipment.  It sucks to have to wait but I knew about the delay before I ordered.

I love my Prusa printer and the company itself.  It seems to be a great group of people, headed up by Joe Prusa who Cindy and I met back at the 2018 Miami Maker Faire.  He seemed like a very down to earth and cool guy. I had already said how the assembly manual for the Prusa printer was amazing, the best I had ever seen.  Well it seems like when it comes to shipping delays, Prusa once again likes to under promise and over deliver one of the best traits a person or company can have in my book..  I got a ship notice on the printer this morning so instead of waiting three weeks I didn’t even wait three days.

There are a few companies that I really love like Amazon, Tesla, Blizzard Entertainment, and Dunkin Donuts.  Prusa is now on the list.  I always wondered why people were willing to pay so much for a printer that costs 4-5 times more than a knock off brand with similar build volume.  The answer is, it’s worth it.



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