Single chewer?

So after capturing the mouse on Sunday morning I re-baited and added a second live trap in the shed, assuming I would have a number of offenders to incarcerate.   Instead both traps have remained empty for the past two days.  There has been so much stuff chewed up it seems hard to believe it was all done by one mouse however maybe I am underestimating the destructive power of one.  I am also wondering if the same rodent was responsible for the coop vent hole which I patched over the weekend, maybe he/she was moving between the two spots.  Regardless I will be continuing to keep the live traps ready to snare for the foreseeable future.

Last night after work I stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up some more chicken feed.  Cindy has expressed concern about the ingredients of the feed we normally feed the hens.  Tractor Supply has a lot more variety in their feed options than Rural King.  I got organic pellet food and non-GMO scratch grains for the birds and paid a premium to do so.  When I got home I gave the chickens a taste of the new scratch grains and they were big fans.  The normal stuff we get seems to be 90% cracked corn and little else.  The new blend has six grains and corn is in the minority of them.



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