Chain reaction, Live

The cancellation/closure dominoes have been falling at an exponential pace due to corona virus concern.  The NHL and MLB followed the NBA’s lead and announced a suspension of their seasons.  The NCAA who originally planned to play games with no spectators shifted yesterday to an outright cancellation as well.  When this many things are getting cancelled it applies great leverage to other similar events to do the same, anything else would make them seem irresponsible or even liable in some people’s eyes.  Even Disney announced they were shutting down their parks for the time being.

Locally they have cancelled the local hockey games, the Saint Patricks Day parade, and most public gatherings for the near future.  The only thing I am aware of that is still going on is the county fair which started yesterday however I expect that it will either close or have such light attendance that it will be a joke.  This will be the first time in 20 years that we will not be attending the fair, which makes me sad.

In my own personal sphere I continue to be more mindful of cleaning my hands after touching any communal surfaces as well as trying to scratch my itchy face with the back of my hands/fingers whenever possible.  I am also planning on modifying my gym routine which included going to old person infested Planet Fitness two days a week.  Until we hit the other side of this I am going to keep my lunch time workouts exclusively at our small county gym which never has more than three or four people in there at a time. Outside of that Cindy has no interest in doing the normal public interactions we engage in like movies and eating out dinner until further notice.

This morning I had my first experience with a remote “live” teller at my credit union.  My tax refund check did not get direct deposited for some reason so I had to deposit the check conventionally.  The drive thru line now has these ATM looking machines at each lane where you get a video feed to a real person located in a remote call center.  It was a pretty cool and seamless experience.  The nice thing was the live tellers actually have extended hours compared to the normal branch, they fire up at 7AM.

This weekend we will surely be doing things that focus on avoiding people although I still see trips to Rural King and Home Depot on the horizon.  Outside of that it’s enjoy the comforts and ample entertainment we have available to us at home.  My next two weeks are going to be quite busy at work as we are relocating a branch, a task I always dislike.  There are so many moving parts I need to keep track of and coordinate that it can get a bit maddening at times.

I shot a video about the history of my 3D printed electric unicycle stand online store last night.  Check it out.



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