First time in 5 years, More Broken Promises, A Rainy Funeral

I neglected to mention in yesterday’s entry that I had another 3 hour marathon stream on Friday night.  The primary reason I started it was because I wanted to test the dual platform streaming capabilities of StreamYard.  I configured it to stream simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube for the first time.  It’s cool through the UI I can see comments from both services roll in and respond in one spot.

I didn’t plan for the broadcast to go that long but then my buddy Jeremy got on.  Jeremy, an ex-vball partner of mine and I communicate all the time via internet messaging.  He has been doing a lot of streaming himself regarding how the Covid 19 situation has been affecting the Boca area.  So I asked him if he wanted to join the stream which he agreed to.  He connected and we started talking as we normally have in the past.  Sometime during the interaction I realized that this was the first time Jeremy and I have actually “talked” as in using our voices to communicate in somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 years.  It was a bit shocking to me that so much time had elapsed since our last voice communication.

I have been to his home and he has been to mine several times but recent years have found both of us very busy with our respective responsibilities.  Via internet messaging both of us have more or less kept current with each other’s lives over the years.  Jeremy was on the stream for probably close to an hour.  Of course EUCs were not a primary topic during that time but it was fun nonetheless.

Later in the stream I was once again joined by Mickey where the stream once again turned EUC-centric.  We chatted for over an hour before I called it quits at 12:30 AM, ridiculously late for me.  I enjoyed the the loose format but I don’t think I can swing streaming on a weekly basis.

So I have still been going through a circus trying to get Miguel to actually do what he says and what I paid for.  He has literally given me at least a half dozen missed dates for the sod to be delivered/installed.  Sometimes there are excuses, sometimes there is just no explanation and no communication.  He blamed his own equipment failures, blamed the sod cutting company, blamed the weather, it’s maddening.  Yesterday he was supposedly taking matters into his own hands. He was going to pick up the sod in his own truck, since the sod company evidently has some sort of issue preventing delivery.

Well of course that didn’t happen either.  Now supposedly he is going to have to cut the sod himself as well.  It’s crazy.  I have been very restrained in my response with Miguel so far with all of these failed promises.  The only reason for that is he is the son of the guy that has done yard maintenance for our neighbor for 20 years.  However this latest miss is piling up my frustration to the brink.  I texted him that I need solid dates for stuff to get done and reminded him this has been promised to happen for not days but weeks.  As is typical, no response came.  The first time around I got response by contacting his dad which I really don’t want to have to do again.  I don’t think I should have to have an adult man be scolded by his father to get shit done that he is being paid to do.

Last evening we had some torrential rain moving through the area.  When I got home it started pouring which annoyed me because I planned on burying Katie.  I waited until the lightning subsided and then slapped on my raincoat to do the work in a steady light rain.  Cindy came out to join me as I was in the middle of grave digging.  As is normal I got choked up as I said a few final words to Katie before placing her body in the ground and covering it up with both dirt and palm fronds.  I am hoping we can be done with chicken burials for the foreseeable future.



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