Cindy has really been working hard around the house during her furlough.  Yesterday was another example.  She relocated the sod as I described in the post yesterday from a spot where it wasn’t really needed to a spot where it was.  She had to pull up around 50 pieces of sod from the back yard and transport them via wheelbarrow to the front.  It was ass busting work for sure.  I appreciated her efforts as it saved me me from adding the task to my list for the weekend.  The new bahia sod certainly doesn’t look pretty yet but it definitely will accomplish the goal of elevating former flood prone areas.

Miguel texted me yesterday saying he was going to roll the sod and asked if I could have the money ready.  I said sure but I wouldn’t be home until 5:45.  He wound up not coming out anyway (surprise, surprise).  I could easily write a check and leave it at the house for Cindy to give to him to make it more convenient for Miguel.  However after as much frustration as he has provided me for the last two months I really don’t feel obliged to be overly courteous or accommodating.

I’ve been trying to not think about my dad’s dog Maggie passing away yesterday.  If I do I try to steer my mind towards all the happy memories she was a part of, like how she would like to take my dad for walks at the beach, so he could play in the water.


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