Sleep is good, WTF

Last night I had a normal nights sleep which was a good thing.  I was walking around most of the day and evening in a zombie-like state after only getting a couple hours of sleep the night before.  I wouldn’t say I feel well rested today but I feel at least human.

So the sod roller had been sitting at the house since Saturday when it was dropped off and used briefly by Miguel.   I had been waiting for him to come and finish the work and sent him a couple messages asking when that would happen which again went unanswered. Yesterday afternoon I got a message from Cindy that a guy was there loading the roller back up on a truck when she got home.  I asked if it looked like the sod was rolled and she said no.  What the f?

Cindy talked to the guy.  He said he was just there to pick up the roller he didn’t know anything else.  I sent another text message to Miguel asking him to call me ASAP.  Of course, I got no response.  At this point I just have no idea what is wrong with this guy.  He goes through the trouble of getting the roller there, let’s it sit three days and then it gets picked up with no work being done.  I guess he really doesn’t want to get paid.  Today I plan to call his father and ask what the hell is going on with his son.  I just want the work he agreed to do completed so I never have to speak with him again.

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