Rapid rinse, New Knee

Yesterday afternoon I had to do some work at the Immokalee branch.  During the long drive there I called my dad for a couple reasons.  I received an oversized envelope in the mail from him the other day.  In it was a magazine with an article about how they are 3D printing buildings, something I had seen/known about for awhile.  I chuckled as I read dad’s note on the front telling me what page the article was on.  The old school method of sharing information via a mailed magazine with an attached post it note was very dad appropriate.  After all when he travels cross country his preferred method of navigation is via paper maps, if he can find them.

I knew dad’s knee replacement was coming up but I had forgotten the exact date.  Well that day happens to be today, he was already in Pittsburgh to have his second knee replaced.  Dad has already had his one hip and knee done, he is practically the bionic man.  The reality is even with the joint replacements his mobility is still greatly compromised.  I don’t think he puts in the time doing the rehab as he is instructed to so his end result has not been great.  He also is carrying extra beef on his frame which surely doesn’t help either.  Hopefully the surgery goes well.  I think this is the last thing he is due to have replaced, for now.

When I got home I found myself disgusted by just how dirty the Tesla was.  I made a snap decision to give the car a speed wash at that very instant.  I didn’t even go inside, I just pulled out the hose and bucket, washing the car in my work clothes.  I did a real high speed once over, probably not taking more than 15 minutes from start to finish.  This was something else on the potential to do list for this weekend so I again felt a small sense of accomplishment as I walked inside with water splattered all over my pants.

I’m not really even following the impeachment trial closely.  It seems a foregone conclusion that not enough Republicans are willing to divorce themselves from Trump yet to make it happen.  I agree it needs to happen as sweeping Trump’s actions under the rug would send the wrong message. However we all know the writing is on the wall.  It’s unfortunate that politicians actions are so easily predetermined simply by a R or D in front of their name.

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