This morning I dropped off the Model Y for what I consider a necessary upgrade for Florida residents, window tint install.  I dropped the car off at the same place that did the Model 3, they have done good work for me and others in the past.  I used it as an opportunity to get a brief EUC commute in as I had my V11 in the trunk of the car.  I used it to zip the last couple miles to the office and will use it to pick the car back up this afternoon.

Luckily the back doors, hatch and glass roof already have dark tint on them.  Not having it on the front windows has been immediately noticeable on my commutes as the sun quickly bakes your arms.  Aesthetically having all the windows dark looks better as well so I’m looking forward to both the functional and visual improvements.  This weekend I have a couple other small “mods” I want to put on the car as well as give it a thorough bath.  It seems like whatever they did at the dealership was not all that thorough.


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