Introduced, No Deviation or Delay

Last night after I got home I quickly tended to the chickens before loading up Elsa in the Tacoma and heading to Ali and Shuggs new place to pick up Sadie for the weekend.  The drive was not awful, around 45 minutes, which is what my daily commute takes many days.  Their place is a mile or so away from the new Tesla dealership that I just picked up my car from a couple weeks prior.

The apartment complex is new, very new.  Ali is the first person to live in the brand new one bedroom unit they are renting.  The space is small as you can imagine, but nicely equipped with high quality surfaces on the floors and counters, as well as nice appliances.  The amount of contraction they had to do to move from the 3/2 town home to this was massive. She does have a storage space rented which is holding a lot of her stuff until their long term living arrangements are worked out.

Elsa was very nervous at first but once she saw Ali, Shuggs, Sadie, and Ferdie excitement took over.  After getting the brief tour of the space, we walked the grounds with Elsa in tow.  The pool area this place has is massive and looks like it belongs in a high end resort, it was really nice.  There are a lot of perks at this place, which may be expected with what they charge for rent.  One of them is Thursday nights they have a food truck on site which provides free meals to residents, a very cool arrangement.  This month it was a taco truck.

We ordered our food and then hung out drinking a couple Bud Light seltzers as we waited for the food, which took quite awhile.  The residents that were hanging out there seemed youthful and high energy, it was a fun scene.  Elsa did well in the environment and received lots of praise for how pretty she is, as normal.  Once we got the food we walked back to the apartment and ate it there.  The food was good, made even better by being free food.  I didn’t hang around long afterwards as it was already past 8:30 and I had the drive back home.  I loaded up Elsa, Sadie and some tech devices Ali didn’t want anymore to be repurposed if possible.  I got home about 9:30.  I was glad to see Ali and Shuggs seem more or less content with their new accommodations.

Man my weekday morning routine is tight, very tight.  There is no longer any time at all for deviation or delay in the routine.  Gone are the days of laying in bed an extra 5 minutes to let the cobwebs clear or watching a short YouTube video as I eat my breakfast.  I get up with the alarm like an electric probe was stuck up my ass, step on the accelerator and keep it pressed until I sit in the seat of the car, it’s a bit stressful as you can imagine.

This weekend has a solid block of to do’s stacked up.  I’ll keep chipping away at it like a jackhammer.

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