By Floodlight

When I walked out to the Tesla after work yesterday I found myself annoyed by how dirty it was.  2800 miles of driving will do that to a car.  Generally speaking I like to keep things neat, if you look at my vehicles there is minimal clutter and I try to keep them clean.  I made the mental commitment to wash the Tesla when I got home, despite knowing it would be pitch dark.  After tending to the chickens and Elsa I threw on a sweatshirt and got busy.  I had the garage Alexa play some holiday music to set the mood.

The Ring floodlight cam did a decent job of illuminating a little over half of the car.   The far side and rear I did mostly blind outside of the dim lighting from the Christmas lights.  It felt good to get the task done, one less potential to do for the weekend.

I have started to do some Christmas shopping already although the amount of work that will be required will obviously be less than in years past.  Christmas present buying is something I really like, I am a giver at heart.  Hell I have a column in my budget book that is called “Gifts”, just so I would always have money set aside to buy presents for Xmas.

I am doing something some people may see as strange, buying a couple things for myself that I had wanted, wrapping them, and putting them under the tree to be opened Christmas morning.  I know I will get some presents from my family as well but I wanted to have a few things under the tree that are can’t miss gifts, because I bought them, lol.  The overwhelming majority of the presents under the tree will be for DJ of course.

I did the weeding around the property on Wednesday so I can skip that this weekend.  The colder temps have also curtailed most yard growth so I can avoid that as well.  I want to try to knock out a lot of my remaining Christmas purchasing out this weekend if possible.  After almost 54 years on the planet I realize that before I know it Christmas will be here so I sleep better at night staying ahead of the curve.

Sunday afternoon I am going to a small celebration for Ali.  She recently completed her masters which is quite the accomplishment, something I would never have the ambition to undertake as an adult.  Hell I don’t even have a college degree for that matter.  Anyway it will be nice to hang with other human beings for a little bit, something I need to force myself to do more often.  Going into recluse mode comes easier and easier nowadays.