So yesterday was my MOHS procedure to cut out yet another spot of skin cancer.  The appointment was first thing at 8AM.  They got me in the room pretty promptly and covered my upper body with sterile dressing and tape followed by covering the general area of the cut with orange iodine.  The procedure starts with the doctor injecting the area with numbing solution.  After a few minutes the cutting begins.

He always says I should let him know if I can feel anything so he can inject more if needed.  I always seems to feel it so he stopped to  inject more a couple times.  The sensation of having your skin cut off is never fun, even when numb.  Evidently there was a lot of bleeding going on.  He had the nurse applying a LOT of pressure at certain points as he used a cauterizer to stop the bleeding.

So he cut out the basal cell cancer and they applied a temporary pressure bandage.  The next step is they test the perimeter of the skin to ensure all of the cancer cells are gone.  After hanging in the waiting room for maybe 15-20 minutes they said they needed to cut again, fantastic.  There was only a small amount they had to remove this time but in total I had a hole in my forehead about the size of a nickel.

Instead of just closing the wound right there they threw another bandage on it and said I should come back at 11 to get stitched up.  This happened previously as well, I don’t quite understand why they don’t just stitch you up immediately however I knew the routine by this point.  I hopped in the Prius and headed to a nearby Dunkin Donuts.  I then just parked the car and sipped my coffee as I listed to a podcast to pass the time for close to an hour.

So getting closed up is often the least enjoyable part of this process.  I once again had to request additional numbing as I felt the needle getting threaded through my skin more than once.  The sensation of having the circular wound pulled tight into a line makes you feel like a human football.  The doc said he had to make sure he was applying tension in the right way so it doesn’t pull up on my eyebrow, which would give me a permanent skeptical expression, which may be appropriate anyway.

I was glad when the final stitch was pulled tight.  A massive pressure bandage was then applied which I am still sporting today.  I was told to minimize my exertion for 48 hours and more or less be careful until the stitches are removed in eight days.  They said to not get the bandages wet for the first 24 hours that they are required to be on.  I managed to shower around them.

I got back to the office around 12-1.  The numbing was still in effect, it in fact had spread to the top of my head.  When I went to scratch my head it felt like I was scratching a piece of cardboard, I couldn’t feel it at all.  However as the afternoon went on the numbing faded and the soreness and stinging was intensifying.  It got pretty intense, I was considering heading out early but I popped an aspirin which at least took the edge off the pain so I stuck it out.   Despite not going to the gym I felt pretty tired and wiped out last night, perhaps just the body’s reaction to getting cut on.  I switched over to extra strength Tylenol which seemed to do a better job of masking the pain.

I got a call from my neighbor who was at work.  He said he locked his keys in his car and wanted to know if I could jump start one of their other vehicles so his wife could go get him.  There was a complication, the car with the dead battery was in their garage so it had to be pushed out so I could jump it with my truck.  Cindy was giving me a hard time about it since I wasn’t supposed to exert myself.  I assured her that pushing a car backwards is not nearly as difficult as she thought.

So we got the big Lincoln out of the garage and I hooked it up to the Tacoma.  Our initial attempts to jump it were not successful as the motor only turned over weakly before stopping.  I wasn’t sure if it was a juice thing or the terminals being pretty dirty.  I decided to go get my personal power center that I bought a few years ago for race timing.  One of it’s abilities is as an emergency jump starter.  Our first attempt with it again failed but then after I rotated the cables around some more to hopefully get a cleaner connection the car fired up.  I was glad we were able to help out although the neighbors will need to be replacing the battery in that car asap.

I forgot to mention an awkward, funny gym story from Tuesday.  I was in the stretching room doing sets of push ups.  As I finished a set a woman that was on her back stretching complimented my form and how many I could do.  As I looked up to respond to her I see that she is holding her right ankle up to her ear during the exchange.  I immediately felt awkward but said back, well I wish I was that flexible. She said she has always been very flexible in a way that contributed to the awkwardness.  She continued to hold the pose as I turned the other way to finish my remaining sets and exit the room.

I am off Friday and Monday.  I took Friday off to take care of whatever remains with prep for Katie’s baby shower.  It’s going to be the most people we have ever had at the house by a factor of two or three.  Cindy said there could be 35-50 people.  The logistic part of my mind immediately jumped to the difficulties of 50 people divided by one guest toilet.  Sure we could allow people to use the master bathroom as well but the idea of all of these people, coming from the outdoors where the party is being held, trampling across our bedroom carpet to relieve themselves just is not appealing.  I guess we could lay down some sort of runner through the bedroom if need be.

Of course the house is in a chaotic state with all of the party prep going on which never makes me feel good.  I am looking forward to the event being in the rear mirror so things can return to a more orderly state.  By taking Monday off I hope to have plenty of time to make that happen.



Although the skies were gray, no rain was falling yet last night so we decided to make our annual fair visit.  We were surprised when we approached the entrance and saw a HUGE line of people both waiting to get tickets and to get in the door.  I didn’t expect such a big crowd on a Monday night but I guess they had two promos going, half price entry and discounted ride pass tickets.  The long line apparently was also due to more strict bag screening and only having three metal detectors.  It took us about 20-25 minutes just to get inside the fair.

Once we entered it didn’t take us long to find our way to our traditional arepa vendor which we enjoyed for dinner.  The cheesy/corn concoction is very good, in small quantities.  We then headed over to the small animal exhibit area which was mostly chickens.  Some of the birds were just so beautiful.  We both couldn’t help but feel badly for them as being locked up in a two foot square cage 24×7 has to be miserable.

As we wandered next door we came across a blacksmith stand.  We watched as the blacksmith took a piece of iron and with the help of the little boy customer who cranked the coal forge, turned it into a miniature horseshoe with his name stamped on it.  It looked like a  unique memento so I asked Cindy if she wanted one.  At first she said no but then she reconsidered.  I told her it would be cool.

So we waited patiently while he took care of the little boy ahead of us.  In the meantime we talked to his wife Beverly who took the money and wrote the inscription on a little card for Marvin to work off of.  Cindy and her hit it off.

When it was our turn Cindy got up on the platform and started turning the hand crank as instructed to stoke the forge.  Somehow during this process the conversation expanded as Cindy talked to Marvin about her Air Force experience and he in turn talked at length about his dad who was in the Air Force as well.  Marvin is 75 years old, he and his wife Beverly tow this trailer/blacksmith shop around the country doing fairs and conventions.  Before we knew it we had spent a full hour with them.  It was very cool to have that sort of unexpected interaction.  The horseshoe will always carry that memory with it.

After getting our customized horseshoe we again hit the food stands, this time looking for desert.  Cindy opted for an elephant ear which is basically dough, butter, and cinnamon.  I went for a chocolate milkshake, a staple of my youth but something I rarely indulge myself in anymore.  We both enjoyed our selections.

We made one more stop at the petting zoo where we fed carrots to sheep, goats, cows and even a camel.   However much like the other animals at the show, I hope that outside of their time on exhibition, they get to roam freely around wherever home is. It started to rain maybe an hour after we got home so we timed it out quite well.

It’s funny, although we still enjoyed the fair, I told Cindy it was odd how the changes they have made to the event over the last few years have made it worse instead of better.  As time passes usually things get streamlined and planned better as issues come up.  It seems that opposite is true of the Collier County Fair.  They made things less efficient and have tweaked the layout in ways that take away from the experience, IMO.

Today I had the first of my doubleheader of medical procedures, a high resolution chest CT.  I had two CT’s back in September so I knew the general drill.  This one was a higher res version.  As a result I also had to roll onto my stomach which I didn’t have to do before.  The function of the test is two fold.  It will reveal if the likely benign nodule in my lung has changed at all and hopefully give a closer look at my vascular system to see if the calcified coronary artery they detected the first time around is more significant than originally thought.

Tomorrow I head back to the dermatologist to have yet another basal cell skin cancer cut out.  It’s in the corner of my forehead so I am curious how this will go.  It isn’t like there is a lot of excess skin to work with in that location.  It is the MOHS procedure once again where they cut, test the edges and if more cancerous cells are detected they cut again.  It’s not a fun time.


After work on Friday I stopped at Home Depot to load the Tacoma up with ANOTHER pile of top soil and sod for the chicken area.  At this point I have probably added around 300 square feet of elevated area to prepare for wet season.  It’s normally grunt work but with my current odd issue with endurance, it felt much, much harder.  I was ridiculously tired after spreading the dirt and laying the sod.  I mean it was at a point where I was evaluating just how wiped out should I be before I get medically evaluated.  The sensation continued Saturday morning as well but lessened as the weekend progressed.  After my CT test this week I will be getting the results and then moving forward with whatever is next.  Whatever is going on with me since late last summer is not normal.

On Saturday we made a run to Tractor Supply as they sell higher quality chicken feed than Rural King.  I want the new birds to have the best shot of being healthy long term.  While I was there I also picked up some fence posts to replace a few rotting cross supports in our fence line.  Later in the afternoon I walked the entire perimeter assessing which supports were in need of replacement.  As I was coming down the east fence line I saw something that I didn’t want to see, a motionless rabbit.

We always have rabbits in the yard at night.  If they are spotted by Elsa she always gives chase.  When she does, up until this point, the rabbits have always been able to squeeze through the small rectangular opening in the fence to escape.  Well for whatever reason this unlucky animal got stuck, and it apparently died struggling to escape which was a horrific thought that I couldn’t keep from reentering my mind the rest of the weekend.   What made it worse was on the one leg there was a spot where all the fur was gone, I am sure Elsa was responsible for not only getting the rabbit stuck but for that as well. That added to the already horrible imagery in my mind.

So I went and got a wire snips and a shovel.  I buried the poor animal outside the fence line.  This incident has greatly reduced the amount of autonomous freedom we will allow Elsa.  Quite often we would just let her roam the backyard while we attend to other tasks.  That is no longer acceptable.  I also plan to carry a flashlight with me at night so if she does shoot off to chase a rabbit I will be able to make sure there is no tragic outcome like what happened this weekend.

Cindy and I went on a brief ride on our PEVs to the grocery store for her to grab a couple things.  She rode the Dualtron scooter, I rode my 18L.  For the second time in a month she hit something in the road that punctured the rear tire.  She was able to baby it home on the flat tire.  Luckily when I last did the repair I ordered two tubes.  I was able to replace the tube pretty easily since I had done it once before.

Saturday night Cindy and I watched American Made, a Tom Cruise film.  It is based on a true story that seems too incredible to be true.  The main character is a pilot who in the late 70’s and 80’s was double dipping, working for the US government and the drug cartels.  He would take spy photos and deliver guns to the Contras and then load up the plane with drugs to fly them back to the US.  It’s just a crazy story.  Once again, even though I am not a fan of Tom Cruise as a person, his string of entertaining movies for me remains intact, B+.

Sunday morning Cindy and took advantage of the overcast skies and cooler temperatures to go out for a ride.  We hit North Collier Regional Park with Cindy riding the Backfire skateboard as I rolled on my One Wheel.  A good portion of the video is my offering up my opinion on the new One Wheel Pint which was just announced this week.

Later in the afternoon I pulled out the pressure washer to clean the lanai deck in preparation for the baby shower next week.  It’s a tedious and slow process but needed to be done.  This weekend I took off Friday and Monday.  Friday I will have more to do in prep and Monday will give me time to hopefully get stuff done that I want to do.  Oh just to keep things fun I have my high resolution chest CT tomorrow morning followed by skin cancer surgery on Wednesday.



So I have been printing my largest and most detailed model ever all week. It’s a massive castle with incredible amounts of detail that has already consumed one complete 1KG roll of filament and is chewing through another.  Last night I had to do the filament swap which I was nervous about.  I tried printing this model the first time last weekend.  When I tried to swap filament that time I messed up the print head position which made it impossible for me to resume.  Luckily this time I got it changed without incident. Cindy is very much looking forward to getting the opportunity to paint this massive model which will be a huge project in itself.  Depending on how much detail she does, this thing could be a genuine piece of art by the time it is complete.

Cindy and I have been watching Leaving Neverland, the HBO documentary about Michael Jackson and his pedophile tendencies.  If you ever had any doubt that Jackson was a habitual child molester, those doubts will vanish after watching this two part series.  It’s just another example of how these famous people are propped up and insulated by money, buying silence and cooperation to keep the curtain of deception intact.  Our president is another unfortunate example of the same practices, thankfully I don’t think he has any pedophilia hiding in his massive, gold plated closet of secrets.

So I believe I made mention of Luke Perry’s death a couple weeks ago.  The former 90210 actor died after complications of a massive stroke.  He was only 52 years old, less than a year ahead of me.  Anyone that has read this blog for a long time knows my hang ups about aging and death, I just don’t want to deal or think about either.  When my mom died at the relatively early age of 67 we had to work through the process of handling her estate which was tough since mom never gave me power of attorney, something she talked about doing for a few years but never happened.

Mom’s death gave me the push to do some estate planning, sort of.  I bought Quicken Will Maker maybe a year after she died.  I then waited another year or more until I actually installed the software and generated a will, power of attorney, living will, and health care advocate documents.  Then another year has passed but yesterday, partially thanks to Luke Perry, I actually signed and got these documents notarized so they are official.  I scanned and sent copies off to all parties mentioned, hopefully never having to be used.

I don’t just have Luke to thank for taking this final step.  My ongoing health issues that started last summer have made me think more about the need for this to get done.  If I join the ranks of the “drop dead out of nowhere” club, I certainly want to make sure that my affairs are in order.  I still don’t feel normal and that concerns me.  It concerns me enough that I am arranging to revisit the med clinic after my second chest CT next week to look more into the calcification on a coronary artery that was mentioned during the first scan. For some reason this was viewed as a minor finding, which I don’t get.  The way I feel when doing higher exertion activities, where my energy level seems to plummet feels like a symptom of a possible partial blockage somewhere.  I am going to push for whatever testing there is to try to figure it out.

This weekend I have plenty to keep me busy.  It will be the calm before the storm of next weekend which is Katie’s baby shower.  The amount of planning and prep Cindy has put into this is nothing short of staggering.




I got done printing a small version of the big castle that I am trying to print at home for the second time.  Even with the diminutive scale, the detail on the model was pretty incredible.  I took it home for Cindy to paint which will surely be a delicate process, requiring more patience than I possess.  I printed the miniature version on my Ender 2 printer that resides in my office.

I have been busy at work doing a lot of updates on our servers that have been in service for awhile.  My main focus has been upgrading server OS versions.  We had a number of servers still running Windows Server 2008R2.  I have been trying to bring them all up to a minimum of Server 2012R2 and Server 2016 if possible.  I have been doing in place upgrades which is not officially endorsed as the best way by Microsoft.  They would prefer you set up a new server and then migrate.

Most of our server hardware is several years old but is still more than robust enough to fulfill their roles in the network.  We actually have been reducing our physical server footprint for quite awhile.  Between outsourcing applications to the cloud and virtualization, we probably have close to half of the amount of boxes that we once did.

Anyway, for the most part, the in place upgrades have gone smoothly.  I have had a few head scratcher issues that I am still sorting out but nothing that I can’t work around.  These are changes that I probably could have done awhile ago but the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality definitely applies for me.  I am not a big fan of upgrading for no reason other than incrementing a set of numbers.


For quite a few weeks I have been not getting great amounts of sleep.  It seems like my bed time has been consistently slipping back to 11:30 or later.  With a 6AM alarm during the week that seems to be adding up to a lot of drowsiness.  I never have gotten a consistent 8 hours of sleep but I sure would like to shoot for it.  As you reach your elderly years as I have, rest is important.

So Nick Foles is officially going to be a Jacksonville Jaguar which makes me sad.  Of course I wish him the best of luck but I am curious how this will all pan out.  Nick’s best time in the league has been with the Eagles by far.  When he was traded years back he struggled mightily.  I am curious if he will be able to have the same secret success sauce with the Jaguars.  I already have read a couple stories mocking Jacksonville for paying big money for a QB that statistically was at best marginally better than Blake Bortles their current QB, who is due to be cut.  Plus it seems like there weren’t any other teams that were in red hot pursuit of Nick, making Jackonsville’s big contract more questionable.

The other Eagles news was they have traded to bring Desean Jackson back to the team.  I have mixed feelings about it.  When he was released years ago I remember feeling relieved.  I hated his cocky attitude, although his athletic ability was top notch.  Ironically it seems Jackson’s best games since leaving the Birds were when he played against them. He has put up some big numbers against the Eagles but overall he has never reached the superstar status he thought he already had attained as a young player.

My hope is now at 31 years of age, Desean has matured at least a little bit and isn’t quite as much of an asshole as he was 10 years ago.  By all accounts he still has great speed which is something the Eagles receiving group did not have a lot of last year.  It will be cool to have a legitimate downfield threat to help keep defenses honest.  Hopefully Carson can stay healthy enough next year to throw some balls to him.

My ride back home on the scooter Friday night went well although I was pretty beat up by the end of it.  I did a lot of seated riding the last 10 miles of the trip.  Despite not having a 100% full charge before leaving the office I still got home with right around two (of five) battery bars remaining.  As I said in the video, I doubt I will ever do the commute again on a scooter.  The large amount of sidewalk riding I have to do makes a scooter a real pain in the ass to control since the speed control is done with your finger, which is constantly getting bumped around on sidewalks.

On Saturday I had targeted yard maintenance as the TO DO item of the weekend.  I hit it hard with weed whacking and mowing (assisted by Cindy) on Saturday and then I mowed the back yard on Sunday.  We also moved the RV so we could mow down everything under/around it in anticipation for the massive baby shower that is being held at the house in a couple weeks.  While I was doing this yard work I once again looked at the overgrown mound by the culvert that leads to the neighbors property.  That spot is always overgrown because a big rock resides there.  For almost as long as I can remember living at the house I remember having the thought that “yea, I should pull that thing out”.  Well for whatever reason, Saturday was the day where I finally made that happen.

I did this late in the afternoon Saturday, when I was already hurting from nearly a full day of yard work. I knew the rock was big but I wasn’t sure exactly how big.  Like an iceberg, only the top portion of it was exposed, I had no idea what remained underground.  My implements of removal included a shovel, a sledge hammer and my iron post/pry bar.  I only actually needed the pry bar.  I jammed it into the ground around the stone to determine what was hard and what wasn’t.  Once a rough perimeter was established I was able to drive the bar deep into the ground to get under the rock.

Once I had dislodged the big stone, I was able to flip it end over end to the back of the truck.  All that remained was hoisting it onto the tailgate, which I thought would be mildly entertaining.  It reminded me of my day at Stone Park with my buddy Lou during our last NYC trip. During that strongman style workout we lifted heavy things for hours.

Saturday night Cindy and I went to see Captain Marvel, a movie that has been hyped ever since the last Avengers movie.  I had heard a few reviews of the movie and they were all pretty much middle of the road on the Marvel scale, which is already elevated above other comic book movies by a large margin.  I know there was some buzz about the movie being too feminist, which I really didn’t understand.  I knew next to nothing about Captain Marvel prior to the film being announced.  I think they did a good job establishing her origin story, setting her up for whatever her role is in Avengers Endgame.

The CGI tech they can do do nowadays to change the age of an actor almost seamlessly is incredible.  They took 30 or 40 years off Samuel Jackson and you hardly noticed.  They did the same thing with Coulson, amazing stuff.  Overall I would agree that from a Marvel standard, the movie was middle of the road, not approaching Winter Soldier, or any of the Avenger movies, but it was still a entertaining film that got both of us pumped for Endgame, which releases next month. I’d give Captain Marvel a B+ or A-.

Daylight savings was Saturday night so all of Sunday felt like I was behind schedule.  I didn’t even get a chance to go out for a ride.  Like I mentioned I mowed the back yard in the afternoon.  Earlier in the day we ran to Home Depot where we got some garden soil and some more plants to replenish the garden which I planted in 87 degree heat.  I also had to replace a sprinkler head by the garden which stopped oscillating.  No wonder certain plants in there were looking stressed.

I was pissed when during the day I had to change filament on what would be my longest print ever.  My slicing software estimated the completion time at FOUR DAYS, which was probably conservative.  It’s a huge and incredibly complex fantasy castle.  When I did the filament change I was more than two days into the print.  Well when I performed the change I was not being as careful as I should be.  Evidently I put weight on the X gantry during the change which pushed it down a few millimeters.  The end result was when I tried to resume the print it was at the wrong height and I had no way to recover.  So now I have a very cool looking half model that Cindy vows she will do something cool with.

Sunday night I had another live stream.  It was a unique stream for a couple reasons.  As I was interacting with chat all of a sudden I saw a blue “super chat” pop up for $2.  A super chat is basically a donation from a viewer, when they do this their chat is given special visual treatment so it stands out.  I had never had somebody donate before so I was shocked.  I thanked him for his generosity.

L.A Beast Net Worth

Later in the stream I saw the name skippy62able pop in, holy cow, that is LA Beast! LA Beast is one of my favorite YouTubers.  He has a very funny personality and his specialty is stunts, mostly eating stunts.  A few weeks ago I had him do a Cameo video for me for hitting the 5000 subscriber mark.  Beast is a big YouTuber with almost three MILLION subscribers.

So anyway, I reacted to him being there and asked if that was really him, which it was.  Shortly after Beast appeared a bunch of other names started showing up in chat that I had never seen before.  Evidently LA Beast told people to come “raid” my stream to get me some more views and likes which was funny and awesome.  He even did his own $1.99 super chat donation to me which was so nice.  When he did the Cameo for me he referenced a bunch of my videos which he evidently watched.  He also must have subscribed to me and got live streaming notification.  Cindy was excited for me when she heard Beast was on.

Later on during the stream I got two more super chat donations, one of which was for $20.  I couldn’t believe it.  All of the excitement in the stream gave me the energy to keep it going, well past the two hour mark.  It was a cool way to end the weekend.


For the past couple years during the winter I have ridden my EUCs to work just to say I could.  I first did it with my Msuper and barely made it, coasting into the office on fumes.  Last year I did it on my big Gotway Monster which has a much bigger battery, it was able to cover the distance without issue.  This year I decided to give it a go on the newest PEV in the fleet, the Ultron Ultra.

I did one long ride with the Ultron out to Ave Maria and did not have a good end result.  I wound up pushing it for more than three miles of the 30 mile ride.  I overestimated how much battery range I would have and drove very aggressively on the first half of the ride, traveling 30 mph for most of it.  I used that experience to come up with a different plan for today’s ride.

I had the scooter on the charger all night to make sure I had max juice before I shoved off a little before 6:30 AM.  I was fully geared up with wrist guards, full face helmet, elbow, and knee pads, as well as my safety vest.  I also had on a hoodie since it was 58 degrees and the chest mount for the GoPro to capture the ride.  I then threw my backpack on as well so I was loaded up pretty heavily.  Of course Cindy was worried as always.  To be honest I had a bit of an unsettled feeling as well since just this week someone in our area was killed on a bike, in the bike lane, when an idiot driver veered into the lane (surely texting) and hit them.

So my plan for the ride was pretty simple, keep my speed down to extend my battery life.  I was cruising 20-21 mph which actually feels sort of slow on the scooter which is my normal cruising speed on an EUC.  The one thing that is annoying with this scooter, compared to Cindy’s Dualtron is the cruise control does not work.  This means I have to keep constant steady finger pressure on the accelerator hand trigger which can be tough to do.  The bright headlight, tail light, and color cycling side LEDS make the scooter very visible in low light conditions which is helpful.

I was anxiously watching the battery meter as I progressed.  At one point it seemed like it was dropping faster than I expected but it settled down.  I wound up getting to the office with two of the five battery indicators intact so I had juice to spare.  I immediately threw the scooter on the charger so I can once again be topped off for the ride home this evening.  It’s reassuring knowing that I have some wiggle room in battery capacity as long as I don’t keep the pedal to the metal.

This weekend I have a lot of mowing on the mind.  After I change the oil and filters on the tractor I plan to put it to work hard core.  The front and back yards need to be mowed as well as weed whacked.  I expect the combo of the three things to consume the majority of my Saturday.  Saturday night we are going to get out to see Captain Marvel and then Sunday evening I have my bi-weekly live stream.  It’s going to be a very busy weekend for sure but it’s better than being a sedentary, lazy, unmotivated sloth.


This morning I had my follow up appointment with the pulmonologist.  While he and the nurse were outside the exam room I heard him talking as he looked at my chart.  He said there was no high res CT results in there, something they talked about scheduling back in September.  I knew it was supposed to happen but I assumed that maybe it was going to get scheduled after this appointment.  So when he walked in the office I already knew what he was going to say.

I told him I knew about the other CT but it never got scheduled by his staff for whatever reason.  He did at least have the results from the breathing test I took Monday and he said they were totally normal.  However since that nodule in my lung was spotted on the last CT, he needs this follow up CT to verify nothing strange is going on in there.   When he asked how I was feeling overall I said fine, outside of situations where I am trying to exert myself cardio-wise.  I told him I never have returned to normal in that regard.  He didn’t seem too concerned since I don’t have any apparent function problems with normal day to day activities.

Not only is this CT to check on the nodule, it is a high res version of the test that should also shed more light on the possible fibrosis observation I got back in September.  It’s something the pulmonologist dismissed as highly unlikely, but this version of the test should give a very clear picture that can rule that out completely.   So in about two weeks I hope to have the test completed.  That will dictate the next step.

Of course none of this will help with the mysterious right side pain that has continued to be brought on by increasingly lesser forms of exertion during weight training.  I have modified my gym routine quite a bit since this got bad late last year to phase out a lot of the heavy and/or extreme exercises that contributed to the pain.  Even with doing so I still feel it from time to time, it’s frustrating getting old and feeble.

Yesterday Cindy was feeling really wiped out.  She said it was tough for her to breathe and she was feeling weak.  It scared her enough that she had her mom take her to the local ER to get checked out. I got over there about 2:30.  Cindy was tired and was just resting in the bed.  They had taken some blood, did a flu test and did a chest xray, none of which showed anything of significance.  A nurse practitioner came in and said their official recommendation was for them to admit Cindy to the hospital which was not what anyone really wanted to hear.

She mentioned that a steroid injection may help which sounded like they would only do once she was admitted.  However maybe 10-15 minutes later a male nurse came in and gave Cindy the steroid injection.   As we hung out there Cindy started to feel better as her breathing improved.  We told the nurse that we were going to forgo hospital admission.  They said that was fine but Cindy had to sign a waiver that basically said “if you die, it’s not our problem”.   We got out of there a little after five.

I treated Cindy to a Culver’s meal for dinner, one of her favorites.  We took it home to eat there.  I did my best to encourage Cindy to just take it easy all night.  She has a hard time sitting around doing nothing much like I do, so it wasn’t an easy assignment.  She is taking today off from teaching classes and hopefully tomorrow she will be able to resume her schedule if her energy level continues to improve.

These sorts of peaks and valleys are par for the course with her ailment which has been diagnosed as multiple things over the last couple years including mercury poisoning, Lymes, and now MS.  The problem is the symptoms of these conditions all overlap one another so getting an accurate diagnosis is very difficult.  Cindy recently underwent a spinal tap to get some more clarity.  Because of my natural temperament, I keep a level head about the situation, knowing that whatever the circumstance is we will address it and keep moving forward.  It’s the only viable choice to me.