Yesterday I heard a good portion of the Michael Cohen testimony.  There wasn’t a lot of new things revealed although I did think it was funny that Trump threatened the schools he attended to not release his grades or SAT scores.  Despite obviously being a flawed individual, I think Cohen came off as pretty sincere in his intent to “repent”.   Backing up some of his statements with documentation was just another log on the fire of Trump’s credibility.  If anyone has any doubt that Trump is a habitual liar, so much so that he believes his own fabrications, it is incredulous to me.

I ironically got some additional context and history on why Donald is the way he is last night.  A buddy of mine from work that shares my general political feelings said he watched the first episode of a documentary on Netflix on our president, called Trump, An American Dream, a very tongue in cheek title.  It starts back in the the mid-70’s and documents his history which is honestly very interesting.  I never saw Trump’s father before, wow he seemed like a cartoon character. He used similar repetitive use of words like tremendous, amazing, and spectacular, a speaking pattern his son obviously picked up on.  Roy Cohn, one of Trump’s early all star lawyers looked like he was straight out of the Godfather, what a creepy dude.

Even way back then you could see all of the same traits that were sort of funny and entertaining when he was just an ambitious real estate tycoon that worked NYC for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax abatements. Those traits unfortunately don’t make for a competent president.  If you have a Netflix account you should give it a watch.

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