Delivered, Tired

The delivery of the new washer and dryer happened first thing yesterday morning.  The lower height of the new units combined with the other organizing and rearranging Cindy did has made the bowling alley width laundry room feel almost spacious.  Cindy did our first load of clothing yesterday.  What used to pretty much fill our front loader only went barely halfway up the tub of the Samsung.

We had them take the washer with the failing bearing but leave it’s pedestal behind.  The pedestals that are often sold with front loaders are VERY expensive.  When we bought the LG set in 2010 they were something like $250 EACH.  I am hoping to be able to sell the pedestals online to recoup some of the expense of the new appliances.  We are still planning on taking the dryer to Cindy’s mom this weekend as an upgrade for her.

I talked to my dad yesterday and he ironically had recently had to replace his front loading set which happened to be almost the same age as mine.  We talked about the design of modern front loading washers and how it almost seemed that they were meant to fail in less than 10 years to help keep the demand for new units flowing.  Dad talked about the good old days when he had a washer that lasted for 25 years.

I hadn’t talked to dad in awhile so we caught up on the latest and greatest news.  Most of dad’s news had to do with his physical challenges that seem to be accumulating.  Right now he could use work on his knees, eyes, and ears.  In the past he had been reluctant to take action to address the problems but I guess it is getting to the point where it really is affecting his quality of life.  I’m glad he is more willing to do something about it now.  I don’t have a problem understanding his procrastination however.  It evidently is a gene I share as I put off getting my eyes checked for around six years from the point where I first started having issues and in general I am very reluctant to seek medical treatment for anything.

I stayed up late watching Netflix content.  My sleep deficit then was multiplied when Elsa had some stomach issue about 2AM.  Luckily Cindy shot out of bed and got Elsa out onto the tile floor before she puked.  After all of that excitement I had a very hard time falling back asleep.  As I was trying to drift off I do recall doing a virtual tour of our old Gouglersville house, likely spurred on by conversation my dad and I had about that house, which has been completely transmogrified by the current owners, after my dad and step mom did their own transformation when they lived there.  Dad told me the house has been for sale for a pretty long time.  I knew it was listed awhile ago but didn’t know it had not sold yet.

When it first listed I always wondered if dad would consider buying back the place that had so much history for both chapters of his life as a father.  The idea was not one dad shared as the house price was around double what it was sold for.  Plus my dad harbors some resentment towards the current owners as he feels they deliberately misrepresented their financial status and feigned fiscal hardship to negotiate a lower price on the property.  So to turn around and reward them for their efforts is something dad just would never be able to stomach.  It would have been cool though, the ultimate completion of a large arcing circle that started back in late 60’s.

Oh so the point of this was I’m tired, really tired.


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