Where did it go

Despite my best efforts to make it slow down, this weekend once again flew by in the blink of an eye.  I was planning to mow the grass but Cindy offered to do it today to help keep the weekend slate clear.  I appreciated her effort but just found myself other things that needed to be done.  It’s a viscous cycle.  I spent a good portion of the afternoon cleaning the floor surfaces of the house, first with shampooing all the carpeted areas and then hitting all the hard surfaces with the steam cleaner. It’s unfun work.

Oh I did start off with a run again on Saturday.  A hot and miserable run through thick humidity and temps already pushing 80 degrees.  I am still waiting for it to get easier.

On Saturday night we went out to see the new Jurassic Park movie.  I really liked it, it had a lot of the feel of the original.  The only thing that annoyed was the inconsistency of action of the little girl in the movie (you’ll understand when you see it).  But all in all it was a good, scare the s out of you at times dino movie. I’d give it an A and so did Cindy.

Sunday morning I went for a longish ride on the Monster, riding all the way from the house to North Collier Regional Park.  Even with a 15-16 mile ride, it flies by pretty quickly on the big wheel.  I was cruising right around 25 mph for most of the trip.  I actually hit the speed warning a couple times at 28mph.

Sunday afternoon I decided to take on tire replacement on Cindy’s Minipro.  I got the bigger tires from James, the guy that drove four hours to test the Z10.  These tires are much bigger than the originals and offer more speed and off road capability.  James forgot to tell me about one more feature, they frustrate the f out of you trying to get them installed.  In total I spent close to two hours trying to get the new tires on, unsuccessfully.  I either needed better tools, better technique, or a second set of strong hands.  I eventually said F it and have Cindy taking it to a bike shop to get the tires mounted today.  I’ll trade $20 to save me two hours of frustration at this point in life.

The last part of the weekend was consumed by my first official live stream with Marty, building off our test version from last week.  I think all in all it went well.  We had the largest viewing crowd by far for me, topping out at 45 simultaneous viewers at one point.  There were some challenges with having so many people in there, namely trying to pay attention to the chat which had some questions we didn’t get to address.  Marty jumped out after about an hour but I stayed in there, trying to answer some of what was missed.  It was a good time but also a bit draining.  Marty was talking about doing this once a week but I think bi-weekly may work out better for me, we’ll see.




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