It’s going back, Just fun, FedEx is stupid

So I talked to my EUC dealer yesterday about my problematic KingSong 18L.  We decided the best course of action would be to ship the new wheel back to their service center in Arizona.  While it’s there they will be able to swap and test parts in a more efficient way than I could and verify the wheel is working 100% before it is sent back to me.  Of course the downside is I will be without the wheel for at least a couple weeks if not longer.  The good news is I have tons of other PEV options to choose from.

Speaking of which, last night after dinner I took my Meepo electric skateboard over to the school to ride around solo.  Once again it had rained last night but stopped a couple hours prior to me heading out.  The rain had left various puddles scattered about which gave me some good steering practice while avoiding them.  I did a lap around the middle school before I rode the sidewalk up to the high school which has a much bigger parking lot.

I had a great time cruising around the flat open spaces.  I remained in Eco Mode which has a 15 mph top speed.  I’m not sure if it is the smaller wheels but 15mph feels really fast on an electric skateboard to me.  Maybe it’s just because I am still not all that confident on it yet.  The board has a posted top end speed in Expert mode of 26mph which sounds insane.

I’m getting better at controlling the long board.  The steering definitely is similar to the One Wheel but not nearly as responsive.  I envision a time when Cindy and I are out cruising on the Meepo and One Wheel at the same time, taking turns on each device.

Speaking of the One Wheel, my replacement front sensor pad was scheduled to be delivered yesterday and it did not show up.  Once again the delivery is via FedEx whom I am quickly becoming quite annoyed with.  This is the third time in a couple weeks where a FedEx ground package for me from the west coast hauls ass across the entire country only to hit hit the FedEx Bell Isle distribution center in central Florida and stops, for days.

This latest package had a promised delivery date of Monday but it arrived in Bell Isle on Saturday where it has been collecting dust, being scanned there on Sunday and Monday as well.   When I saw that they were going to miss their delivery date I called in, angry and frustrated with this FedEx policy.  Even though they would be perfectly capable of delivering these packages earlier than the promise date they instead hold them at the distro center until they absolutely have to move it or in my case, even after they have to move it.  I asked the phone rep why this was and said it makes no sense how a package can move 3000 miles in three days and takes 2-3 more days to move the last 200 miles.

I then specifically asked him how in the world they could miss on the delivery date when the package has been sitting in Bell Isle for three days.  He said that technically the official “commit” date was Tuesday.  I asked him to explain if that was the case, why would FedEx’s own tracking system say Monday?  He had no explanation and I got the feeling these sort of questions are something he has to deal with quite often.

Anyway I think this a moronic business practice to rush packages cross country only to have them sitting idle for days mere hours from their destination.  Over promise and under deliver is the most frustrating business practice a company can do.