Did it twice

I took off Wednesday to drive Cindy up to Cape Coral to get a MRI at the VA clinic.  The last time I drove her up there I spent the waiting time playing Hearthstone in the lobby.  This time I decided I wanted to do something more engaging so I threw the One Wheel and Meepo in the trunk.  Once Cindy was taken back I headed out to the parking lot and geared up.

I am not familiar with Cape Coral at all so I just headed in a direction that looked like it had less traffic.  I wound up cruising through a near by neighborhood with basically no traffic.  It worked out great.  During the ride I passed the 100 total mile mark on the One Wheel odometer, it was some of the most fun 100 miles I have traveled.

After getting home and tending to a few things I headed back out in the early afternoon, this time to ride the Meepo at North Collier Park.  I was surprised by a number of things when I got there.  The water park was closed, which seemed odd for mid-August.  Yesterday was the first day of school, evidently the second that happens they change the water park to weekend only hours.

I also was surprised that over half of the park was inaccessible to me.  The soccer field area was all closed off as they are replacing all of them with artificial turf which sounds incredibly expensive.  The back half of the park was roped off in addition because they were doing some sort of massive pesticide spraying that evidently is very toxic.  I’m not sure what they are trying to get rid of but I never saw such large sections of the grounds roped off.

I still made the best of it, zipping around the Meepo with increasing confidence.  I have quickly discovered that traditional sidewalk riding sucks on an electric skateboard.  Each seam in the sidewalk sends a jolt through your body due to the solid wheel construction.  I did my best to stay on paths, bike lane, and parking lots wherever possible.  I am feeling confident enough on the board to go up to the next skill setting which unlocks top speeds of up to 25 mph.  You definitely need to be in the right conditions to even think about approaching those speeds.

I putzed around some more at home afterwards.  I did spend a good amount of time in WoW which just launched another expansion to the game, meaning there is another 10 levels of content to be consumed and experienced.  I haven’t dove into it as hard as I have in the past but I am still looking forward to exploring yet another virtual world.

I have a weird two day work week that includes heading to a bar after work to pick numbers for draft order in our fantasy football league.

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