I don’t F around, He could kick puppies

So last night after work I was a whirlwind. On the way home I stopped at AutoZone for oil change supplies, Lucky’s Market for CBD oil and Dunkin Donuts for a coffee.  The first order of business when I got home was throwing my clothes in the washer.  The careless DD worker pushed down my coffee lid when handing it to me.  The end result was me getting a coffee shower all over my pants.

I then fed Elsa, went out and did my evening chicken chores and then jumped on the tractor.  My goal was to mow the part of the yard that I missed due to the monsoon that blew in Sunday afternoon.  There was still standing water in some of the areas I needed to mow but I determined I should still be able to plow through them swamp buggy style.  After about 45 minutes of mowing the grass was once again evenly manicured.

Once I headed back inside I got two 3D prints started and packed up another 3D EUC stand to be shipped out.  It was quite the productive two hours for a Tuesday night.

Today I threw my One Wheel and Meepo in the trunk of the Prius.  After work I want to take a little joyride around Sugden park nearby.  I think the twisting path that circles the grounds will be a fun course for both devices to roll on.

How many high ranking Trump campaign associates/employees now are convicted felons? I’m losing track.  Expected repercussions? None.

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