Too much H2O

We have had many periods of standing water this wet season although compared to last year it has been less.  Up until this point we seemed to have for the most part avoided the real misery when extreme rain events pile up on each other with no breaks to dry out in between.  Well yesterday we got another deluge on the heels of the major storm on Sunday.  The end result was the highest and largest persistent standing water of the year.

I HATE when the property is water logged like this.  The only solution would be to bring truck loads of fill in.  Unfortunately I can’t really have dump trucks driving all over the yard or they would break the buried sprinkler system. I also feel badly for the chickens during these times.  Many of their main hang out spots are currently flooded.  I am at least happy to report that chicken island, the area that I raised recently has remained high and dry.  I need to expand it’s size as things dry out.

After work I got a quick ride in around Sugden Park which has a nice twisting path around it’s perimeter.  Of course it was on video…

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