More of the same, It’s HUGE

So I received back the results of my second round of blood tests.  These were testing thyroid antibodies as well as testosterone level.  Once again the tests came back with numbers squarely in the middle of normal range.  The only other result I am waiting on  is the chest CT which should be soon.  If that shows all clear I guess I will just continue to march ahead but try to do so avoiding max exertion scenarios if at all possible.  My fatigue and endurance has definitely improved so maybe its just one of the growing list of odd things I will write off to old age.

I got a chance to set up my new massive 3D printer yesterday.  In order to make space for it I gave away one of my less massive printers to a buddy at work.  The set up and first print went relatively well.  I am looking forward to testing out it’s capabilities more thoroughly in the upcoming weeks.

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