A pinhole of light

Cindy and I spent a good portion of last night watching election coverage.  Early after the polls closed both of the major races in the state for governor and senate were close but had Gillum and Nelson ahead by a slim margin.  Well somewhere between 8 and 9 that reversed with Rick Scott and DeSantis grabbing a 1% or smaller lead that they evidently held all the way to the end.  I found watching the coverage too aggravating so I just checked the Politico website periodically as I played WoW.  I held out hope that the blue counties on the state map that had not fully reported would be able to overcome that slim margin.  As we fell asleep neither race had been called officially but I closed my eyes feeling assured that once again I was let down by my foolish expectation that enough people would wake up and realize the short sighted and self destructive path we are being lead down.  I have heard many times that expectations of others are the seeds of future disappointment.  Damn is it true today.

There were other areas of disappointment across the nation.  I would have liked to have seen that woman win the governor’s race in Georgia.  I would have loved to see boot licking Ted Cruz lose, who absolutely railed against Trump in the primaries but since relegated himself to acting like a Trump fanboy, just to hold on to his seat.  His opponent, Beto O’Rourke was such a beacon of light.  If you took five minutes and listened to the guy speak on any subject you would be hard pressed to not immediately like him.  However once again, bad behavior was rewarded and Cruz won the race by another razor thin margin.

So although my state doubled down on it’s commitment to our current era of insanity, the only substantial good news from the night was that democrats flipped the House of Representatives, meaning that there is at least some ability to curtail further bleeding at a legislative level.  If I am being honest, the result last night doesn’t give me a lot of hope for 2020 either.  I mean with as crazy as these two years have been with a president that has basically turned the office into a mockery of what it once meant, the general populace still backed a lot of candidates who toed the Trump line.  I find this incredulous, disappointing, and a sign that more dark times are on the horizon. When you have people regressing to the point where they think that discrimination, racism, sexism, and ignorance is all excusable as long as they get a tax break and the ability to buy more AR-15s, there is nowhere to go but down.

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