Vday, Four

I actually picked out a red shirt today for work which is a rarity, that is color coordinating for a holiday as today is Valentine’s Day.   Tonight Cindy and I are going to dinner at The Warehouse, a place we enjoyed once before.  It’s nice because it’s only 9 miles from the house.  I have a unique “gift” for Cindy this year that I am looking forward to seeing her reaction.

Unlike my recent six day staycation, I don’t have a huge list of items for my upcoming four days off although there are certainly some things spinning around in my head to get done.  This is a big chicken weekend, we are finally going to integrate the new chickens with the old.  It is going to be very interesting to see how the personalities interact and how the pecking order may shuffle.  Of course we have to make sure that all of the birds are safe so we will be monitoring their interactions pretty closely.

I just don’t have much for ya at the moment, sometimes it flows, sometimes it drips.

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